Let’s help Congress make the decisions that will prepare our country for the future.  Let’s look at 20 key issues that Congress and members of Congress are likely to address in the next few years. Let us help define these issues for each of the candidates running for Congress as they approach the 2010 Election less than 40 weeks from now.

In my view the best thing we can do is to choose legislators who will govern with minimal intervention and who will reduce the size, complexity and scope of the federal government.  Many, if not most of our nation’s problems can, in my view, be laid at the feet of a lazy citizenry turning over too many responsibilities to the government.  If instead, we actively work to choose wise and honest people to govern us, we will both fulfill our responsibilities and stand a good chance of improving our situation.

Here is the initial list of issues.  I will bold and link each issue to the post on that issue once it is done.  Feel free to comment and tell me to remove any or add any that are not here:

1. National Defense

2. Energy

3. Communications/Mail

4. Transportation

5. Law/Legal System

6. Agriculture

7. Commerce

8. Health care

9. Taxes

10.  Jobs

11.  Social Security

12.  Foreign Policy

13.  GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

14. Government Spending/National Debt

15.  Crime and Punishment

16.  Security/Borders

17.  Rights/Responsibilities/Privileges

18.  Congress and Ethics

19.  Environmental Issues

20.  Your favorite issue goes here.

I hope to post at least one time a week on one of these issues.  I will appreciate your comments.  Pass it around.  The more people we get discussing these issues, the better we will fare in November.