I’m 74 and healthy. I am careful about contacts with others due to an excess of caution about Covid-19. I have read many sources who give proof that covid-19’s mortality rate is barely more than what we call the “common flu.” However, if I point out that a lot of the deaths counted as Covid-19 deaths are anything but, I am ridiculed as being a denier of science. I am more than skeptical about the numbers. When a friend’s father died, attributed to Covid-19, but in fact it was from his 4th heart attack, it took his family months to get the County Health Department to reclassify the death properly. When the total of deaths from all causes for the past year match almost exactly the numbers from each of the previous 5 years, it makes you wonder. It makes me want to ask:

If the USA has suffered 500,000 deaths due to Covid-19 in the past year, wouldn’t you think our deaths from all causes would have increased significantly?

If I suggest that I may not want to take an experimental vaccine just because my government says I should, is it fair that I should be forced to do so?

Why is it that the most aggressive voices saying that I must wear a mask and I must have the vaccine are the same who say that the government has no right to tell me I can’t get an abortion? “My body. My Choice.” Why not the same view as to other health concerns, like Covid-19?

Our government says it takes 8 – 15 years to develop a new drug or vaccine (see above Harvard chart) because it is unsafe until all the steps have been performed. That is the same government that says that it is completely safe to take a drug that has been developed in a year. Is it fair to ask, Why the mixed message? If the new Covid-19 vaccines are believed to save lives, and, as such, we needed to shortcut the “normal” process, may I ask, Why not allow the same shortcuts for numerous potentially lifesaving cancer drugs?

If the various Teacher’s Unions believe that it is unsafe for any teacher to return to the classroom until all teachers have been vaccinated is it fair to ask why children should be allowed back in class before all have been vaccinated? Or, is it possible that political power is the only good reason that the Unions have for withholding labor and shutting kids out of schools?