One of the themes of this blog is that we all read what reinforces our beliefs and to the extreme, our journalist class only reports what bolsters their chosen narrative.  You need to ask yourself if you can be well informed if you get your news from the Coastal Media which has been shown to be populated by in excess of 90% people who lean left of center.  You need to ask yourself if you can truly understand issues if you learned at the foot of college professors and high school teachers who have shown you only the view from far left of center (professors) and who care more about their union than their students (teachers).

Ask (and answer honestly) the following:

What has the NYT (any of the Coastal Media) published concerning:

  1. The Great Barrington Declaration ( of 1000s of scientists asking for a non-political solution to Covid-19;
  2. The Brennan notes showing that Obama and Biden were briefed on the facts of the Russian Collusion hoax started by the Hilary Clinton Camp;
  3. Why is the NYT coverage of Hunter Biden’s financial situation, source of income, and closeness to the Chinese and Russian/Ukranian governments not covered with anywhere near the zeal as are the similar facts of the lives of each of President Trump’s children;
Why do we only know one side of the Moon? It is all that we are shown.