In my original post on the 20 Issues 40 Weeks series, I listed issue #20 as “Your Favorite Issue Goes Here.”  In fact, here is the list:

1. National Defense

2. Energy

3. Communications/Mail

4. Transportation

5. Law/Legal System

6. Agriculture (was Issue #4)

7. Commerce (was Issue #6)

8. Health care (was Issue #1)

9. Taxes (was Issue #3)

10.  Jobs (was Issue #2)

11.  Social Security

12.  Foreign Policy

13.  GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

14. Government Spending/National Debt (was Issue #5)

15.  Crime and Punishment

16.  Security/Borders

17.  Rights/Responsibilities/Privileges

18.  Congress and Ethics

19.  Environmental Issues

20.  Your favorite issue goes here.

Extra Issue – Legalize Drugs.

I will get back to the list shortly, but, I want to know if you have an issue that rises to the level of Top 20 for the coming elections in November.  Let me know and a talented and experienced team of one will determine if it deserves to be on the list.

What have you got?  There are only 20 weeks left (well, almost 21) so it is time I returned to the series.  I’d love to have your input not only on new issues I may have have missed but also on the issues listed.