Here is the list of the Issues for the series, “20 Issues – 40 Weeks”:

1. National Defense

2. Energy (was issue #7)

3. Communications/Mail (was issue #9)

4. Transportation

5. Law/Legal System

6. Agriculture (was Issue #4)

7. Commerce (was Issue #6)

8. Health care (was Issue #1)

9. Taxes (was Issue #3)

10.  Jobs (was Issue #2)

11.  Social Security

12.  Foreign Policy

13.  GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

14. Government Spending/National Debt (was Issue #5)

15.  Crime and Punishment

16.  Security/Borders

17.  Rights/Responsibilities/Privileges

18.  Congress and Ethics

19.  Environmental Issues (was issue #8)

20.  Your favorite issue goes here.

Extra Issue – Legalize Drugs.

So this means I have about 25 days to cover the following:

Congress and Ethics, Rights/Responsibilities/Privileges, Transportation, Social Security, Foreign Policy, National Defense, Crime and Punishment, Security/Boarders, and one additional one not on the list of 20, Innovation.

If you would like to take a stab at any of these, I would love to see it. I will post what you write and then comment on it.  I’m pretty sure that if I don’t get help from others I will not finish the list.  In fact, right now, I feel it will take me too long to research and write posts on Crime and Punishment, and, Foreign Policy to do them any justice at all.

So please chip in and help.  I don’t care whether you are “conservative” or “liberal,” “libertarian” or “Rastafarian,” or “holy roller,” as long as the language is acceptable and there is nothing threatening or otherwise inappropriate, I’ll print it.  Feel free to email your piece to me at