sarah_palin_fishingI don’t know enough about Sarah Palin to know if she was either the best Governor in Alaska’s history or just a pretty face that got elected.  I don’t know if the Liberals are right that she doesn’t have the brainpower to light a bulb or if she is so foxy smart that she will come back to dazzle us.  What I do know is that she is different.  She is not the prototypical Washington politician like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi who don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between the real world and the world of ‘anything-for-a vote’ that seems to run Washington, D.C.

This post at Marion’s Word gives a very interesting perspective on Mrs. Palin that is worth a read.  In a few short words, a commercial fisherman from Alaska gives you the impression that Mrs. Palin is both brighter and more tenacious than most give her credit for and is an uncommon politician.  It is also interesting to note that enough people are interested in her to make her as yet unreleased book a best seller.  As of this morning, it is #1 in book sales on (Joe Biden’s book, Promises… is 404,940th in book sales) and it is #1 on Barnes and Noble ( (Biden’s is number 114,177).

It seems that Mrs. Palin still has all the Liberal’s knickers in knots as they keep lobbing grenades at her.  As the old Air Force bombardier’s used to say, “The closer you get to the target the heavier the flak.”