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Sports analysists, talk show hosts, and NFL fans everywhere have been talking nonstop this summer about Colin Kaepernick.  Why, many are asking, has no team decided to hire  him this off-season?

Various analysts and fans have views that range from “It’s pure racism” to “It’s politics:  He refused to stand for the National Anthem” to “He just isn’t good enough any more” and “No team wants all the baggage that comes with him.”

Yesterday, Michael Vick, no stranger to controversy and at one time a very talented NFL quarterback, gave Mr. Kaepernick a piece of advice:  Cut your hair and “try to be more presentable.”  That set off waves of discussion on social media.  A lot of folks have decided that anyone who points to Mr. Kaepernick’s hair or tattoos is judging a book by its cover.  I agree that it is judging Mr. Kaepernick at least partially by his hair and his tattoos.  I also think that is a very valid thing upon which to judge him.

Hair and tattoos are personal choices.  The person with the Afro or Dreadlocks or beard to his waist is choosing that fashion.  No person I know has ever been forced to wear his hair in an Afro or in Dreadlocks or braids.  A beard to your waist is a fashion statement, pure and simple, a personal choice.

Colin Kaepernick wants people to look at him.  His actions and his fashion statements are his own choices and all point to a person who is very interested in being seen and talked about.


My guess is that most of his potential employers (NFL Team Owners) think that the choices he is making show a greater interest in his ego than in his preparation for the business of football.  They likely think his choices show poor judgment.  The last thing they want is the Quarterback of their team to be a person who has poor judgment.  None of the owners appear to want to have, as the face of their franchise, what Mr. Kaepernick is offering.  Do you blame them?  Many do, but, for me, in six years he has gone from a promising physical talent to dubious talent with an ego too big even for professional football.

I think anyone who feels sorry for Colin Kaepernick because he is still unemployed should know that Mr. Kaepernick has only himself to blame.  If you showed up at a job interview for a position as Diversity Manager for a large firm wearing a KKK robe or for a teaching position at a Catholic School wearing nothing but a string bikini, it would be your fault and nobody else’s if the person doing the interview first judged the book by its cover.  Fashion choices are just that: choices.  Though they may be the “cover” they do expose a lot about what’s inside.




…to anything outside of their silo.  And, I don’t mean colorblind.  The left is anything but colorblind.

It has been said that the media, the pollsters, and the political left were shocked by the U.S. Presidential Election because they wear blinders.  It is said they only see what fits their worldview.  Of course, that can be said of almost anyone.   However, for the past eight years, the left has reinforced its own belief that anything that does not fit its view is stupid (remember the uneducated ‘deplorables’), or racist, or homophobic, or sexist, etc.,etc.

I received the cartoon below from a friend recently.  I wonder if, eight years ago, you were to have replaced the images of Mr. and Mrs. Obama in the cartoon with those of George and Laura Bush, what would have been the reaction.  My guess is that there would have been an amazing uproar about the racism of cartoonist Gustavo Viselner, by the same people who laugh at this and see it as a fairly benign political cartoon.



Democrats will say it is heresy.  It threatens the story they want you to believe about their party.  It is well stated and worth the 4 minutes to watch Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory:


If you don’t like what Mr. Guillory says, or, you think it is untrue, let me know why you think what you do.  This blog is here to ask questions and generate conversation.  I think this is worth discussing.  Do you?

If what follows is all true, it is both disheartening and enough to make you want to scream at someone (preferably a ‘civil servant’ whose job was a payback for a favor or a vote or to ensure a future vote).  The recent incident where an obscure USDA employee (Shirley Sherrod) was caught on tape discussing how she had discriminated against a white farmer in her official position was first exposed by Andrew Breitbart on his blog.  The tables were then turned and to read the popular media, Shirley Sherrod turned out to be the victim.  Read this piece and then see if you think she really was the victim.  Here is a report of the email I received from a friend that first tipped me off to this latest information about Ms. Sherrod.

If you haven’t given up and moved to New Zealand yet, look a bit further into the doings of Shirley Sherrod and her husband, Charles, and see what you think is the truth about the Sherrod story.  Early in their ‘career’ as black advocates, Shirley and Charles Sherrod were organizers and managers of a farm cooperative in Southwest Georgia, New Communities, Inc. (NCI).  See this article. If what it implies is true, these people are despicable and yet they are collecting money from our government based on the pain and suffering that they experienced.  I am a bit skeptical that we haven’t heard more people call out the Sherrod’s if this is all true.

I know I am asking a lot that you read all these links, but I think you will be glad that you did.  Then ask yourself how much of this you have read or heard reported by our larger media outlets.  Either it is not reported because it is false or there is an agenda that wants this all to go away.

“Conservative”  “Rich White Guy”  “Republican”  say the people on the left who would redistribute all wealth Robin Hood style.  They are displaying all the signs of extreme prejudice.

“Leftie” “Blue Stater” “Liberal”  say the people on the right who would end almost all government and rely completely on market forces.  They are displaying all the signs of extreme prejudice.

So what is the “New Racism” and what are the signs of its existence?  I have (finally) been reading an interesting book given to me by my son and daughter in law – Mistakes Were Made.  The autors reference a book written over fifty years ago by Gordon Allport, The Nature of Prejudice.  In it, Allport states that the hallmark of prejudice is that it is impervious to reason, experience, and counterexample.  “once people have a prejudice, just as once they have a political ideology, they do not easily drop it, even if the evidence indisputably contradicts a core justification for it.  Rather, they come up with another justification to preserve their belief or course of action.”  Sound familiar?

It seems to me that today it is politically incorrect to display any prejudice against gays or blacks or seniors or the handicapped.  It, however, has become not only accepted but almost a sport to show off your prejudice against the political extremes on either side.  Is this ‘new racism’ just as invidious as the oldfashioned kind?

I’m not sure that we have found a cure to the old kind, other than the passage of time.  Is there any way to cure the ‘new racism’????  What will its effects be on our society?

hillarycaretshirtWhen Republicans in particular and a large majority of citizens in general criticized Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Reform plans in 1993, was that racist or sexist?  Or, is it possible that many people just disagreed with the First Lady?  I think some were sexist, but, I think the vast majority didn’t like what she was proposing to do.

When Democrats stood and booed and waved papers at George W. Bush when he gave his State of the Union Address to Congress in 2005, was that racist or just because they disagreed with his policies? I think they just disagreed with what he was saying.

When Republicans booed President Clinton at his State of the Union Addresses in 1995, 1997, and 1998, was that racist?   Again, I think it was because they disagreed with what he was saying.

If 24 out of 25 voters who happen to be Black voted for Mr. Obama, was that because they are racists? I’m sure some are, but, I think the vast majority just liked the prospect of President Obama more than they like the idea of a President McClain.

When ACORN is proven to have employees of poor ethical standards and people ask that they no longer receive taxpayer’s support, is that racist?  I actually think it is the rational thing to do and has nothing to do with race.

Had John Kerry been elected President he would have owed a lot to his mentor Edward Kennedy.  Would he have repaid that debt by sponsoring health care reform measures like what we see proposed today?   Would as many people be against those proposals?  I think so.

Am I right to believe that Democrats will continue to use the race card because it has proven an effective tool to silence critics?  That is what I believe.

Interesting side note:  I wrote this post 24 hours ago but hesitated to post it.  I’m sure it was because of a combination of political correctness and fear of being labeled racist…..very sad.

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