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1.  Releasing memos about interrogation techniques used during the Bush Administration was, IMO, a huge mistake that will come back to haunt Mr. Obama.  It now appears that the Administration and/or Congress will go after attorneys who advised the DoD and CIA on the limits of interrogations.  The U.N. and many foreign powers want to see more Americans disgraced in public.  It also sounds like those who gave commands to extract information (by means they thought were within the law) may also find themselves interrogated and possibly prosecuted for “wrong doing.”    There could be no better way to paralyze our intelligence gathering community and no worse time to do so.

2.  Forcing Chrysler to join forces with FIAT sounds like something a Dictator would do, not the Democratically elected President of the United States.  Is Mr. Obama an expert on the automobile business?  Is his staff?  Why does it seem like the Government should leave well enough alone and let Chrysler fail on its own or succeed on its own.  This reminds me of a new owner of a football team with a losing record.  Going down on the field and telling the coach what to do rarely has any effect other than to make things worse.

3.  Meeting with Republican leaders last week, Mr. Obama mentioned at least 4 times that he did not like the fact that not a single Republican had voted for his Stimulus Bill.  He made it clear that when it came time for Healthcare policy, they would not have a veto on what he wanted to do.  In other words, “I’ll teach you.”  Republicans complained that their input had been completely ignored on the Stimulus and their only hope to be heard was to stonewall the all Democrat bill.  Mr. Obama promised to be bipartisan and seems to show more each day that he will be bipartisan as long as both parties agree with him.

Number one above is the most troubling because the intelligence community needs our support and we need their product.  There have been no attacks on American soil since 9/11/01, in large part, many experts believe, due to the great work done by our intelligence community.

Number Two is troubling because Government has no right or duty to step in and take over business.  That is called socialism.  Last I checked we were a Federal Constitutional Republic and economically a capitalist nation.  Maybe I need to check again.

The third is troubling because it says something bad about Mr. Obama’s personality.  The fact that he feels he has to get even to show who is in charge sounds like Jr. High School.  I thought Mr. Obama was above that.  I still hope he is but actions like last week make me wonder.


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