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When the Brexit vote was predicted as a sure win for the “Remain” coalition and the actual vote was to “Leave” by a healthy margin, the stage was set for what happened at the polls in the USA on November 8th, 2016.  The Brexit vote showed that the elites in Britain, those who run major bureaucracies/institutions and who run the government were out of touch with the majority of the people.  In particular, the media was out of touch.

I think that the U.S. Presidential Election followed the same pattern, with a twist.  The media did its best to convince everyday Americans that Hillary Clinton was going to win in an historic landslide.  In so doing, they convinced themselves of the same result.  Part of the problem was that fewer and fewer people read, listen to, or watch the “mainstream media” and fewer still believe what the see, hear and read.  They were far off the mark because they had elevated themselves above the masses and could not see or hear how the masses actually felt.

The twist?  The Democrats had chosen an almost unelectable candidate.  Clinton has a colorful history, in particular as to her understanding of the word “truth.”  She was untrusted and disliked by the vast majority of all adults.  Her almost saving grace was that she was pitted against a man with negatives almost as high as her own.  The press did Mrs. Clinton’s work deflecting the bad news, attacking Mr. Trump’s character, and running stories at the bidding of the Clinton Campaign.  And, in doing so, the media convinced themselves that she was the best candidate and had the support of the majority of Americans.  They saw those things that reinforced their view.  They created and saw polls that bore out their belief.  They dismissed as crazy all evidence to the contrary.


Mrs. Clinton was gracious in her consession speech but was clearly still unsettled after the ‘shocking’ loss.  She too, had read too many of her press releases turned news stories and had believed them.  I think until a week ago she was measuring the draperies in the White House.  I hope her concession speech was sincere in stating her desire to work with all parties for the betterment of America.  I fear she is no more believable now than she was on the campaign trail.  I do not think this loss has relieved her of her lust for power, the same lust for power the American Electorate saw and rejected.


Put yourself in Hillary’s shoes.  Tell me what she does next.

I have a couple of thoughts:

  1. She can work hard to get Mr. Obama elected President, then call in her chits and ask to be his first appointee to the Supreme Court.  She won’t break any glass ceilings there, but she will have a job for life and lots of prestige.  Unlike many whom Mr. Obama might nominate, Hillary should not have too hard a time being confirmed.  She is more moderate than Mr. Obama’s part of the party and as such is a better alternative for Republicans than say a Diane Pamela Wood who is surely on his short list.  The calculation here is that Mr. Obama is likely to win which would mean Hillary’s only two chances at the Presidency would be in 4 years if Mr. Obama proved to be a disaster and unelectable and in 8 years when she would have the age problem that the Demcrats have works so well against Mr. McCain.
  2. She can work just hard enough for Mr. Obama so it still appears that she is the loyal Democrat and then she can set landmines for him as soon as he takes office.  This strategy is tougher because Mr. Obama’s first job once he is elected, should that happen, will be to start running for reelection.  This is what Presidents do.  Once in office, they tone down the rhetoric and move toward the center to claim four more years.  It will be hard for Hillary to derail a sitting President.  Unless she has some dirt or a plan that she didn’t employ in the primaries, this looks unlikely
  3. She can work hard to help defeat Mr. Obama.  That makes her the clear frontrunner for the Democrats in 2012.  If she does this, she better start soon and she better have something really good or this will end her political career. 

My bet is she plays it safe and settles for Justice of the Supreme Court.  Then she won’t need Bill any longer.

What do you think?

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