It’s 1776 in America again.  The King rules in his own self interest and that of his fellow ruling elites without concern for the lives of his subjects.  Most people put up with the rule of a tyrant who lives in a far away capital.  They do so for one reason – inertia.  The more abusive and capricious the rule of the King and his ruling elite friends, the more he lives off the work of the people, the more he stacks the deck for his friends, the more resigned his subjects become ….. to a point.  At some point, tolerating the status quo begins to look as dangerous as rebelling against it.   A revolution is brewing.

The Loyalists, those whose stature, power and privilege give them a vested interest in continuing the King’s rule, are beginning to worry that the Revolutionists could actually upset their apple cart.

It appears the backers of Hillary Clinton, those who benefit most from the status quo, are running scared.  The Loyalists saw the Brexit vote and it scared them to death.  They just don’t understand.  How could all those “little people” wield so much power?  Privilege is ours, not theirs, the Loyalists believe.  The Elites rationalize every lie, every misdeed, every crime, all for fear of losing their status.  To every exposé of the corrupt practices of the ruling elite they react by deflecting to another subject or by using another lie that their “journalist” friends will legitimize.  They refuse to answer questions about significant issues.  They sling mud and bring the debate to the lowest level.  They pretend that every fact, not in their favor, is a part of a vast conspiracy.  They refuse to accept the reality that the ruling elite of our country have weakened our economy, our ethics, our culture, and our position in the world.  The Loyalists want things to continue on, just as they are so that they can retain their privilege.

It seems to me that a majority of the people are fed up.  They are tired of a double standard.  They are tired of the debasing of our society.  They are tired of each new incentive for people to work less while those who must work harder are ever more taxed and regulated.  Most are now willing to gamble that if is worth risk of some things being broken if the eventual result is a more free, honest and prosperous country for all, not just the elites.

Ronald Reagan asked the right question, “….are you better off than you were four years ago?…”  I think many people today are asking a variation of that question, answering “No” and concluding that we can’t continue on our current path.  If that is true, the current privileged class could be in for a rude awakening this election day.