My friend Brian and I were conversing over lunch yesterday and I mentioned I was working on a post about last Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.  I mentioned that while researching reactions to the speech, I had responded to a single question survey.  The question was, “In your view, what is the current state of the union?”  We discussed my response and I said I would email it to him.  It follows:



We are sad to see so many people unable to find jobs because politicians think it is more important to build bureaucracies and power than to get out of the way of hard working people.

We are sad because we see teachers who must close their minds and lead children to believe what the politicians want rather than to help children drink in the knowledge that comes from open minds and discovery.

We are sad because a once proud and strong nation sees more of its people cowed each day by mindless rules, regulations and the actions of a nanny state that knows better than its citizens what they need.

We are sad when we have politicians who look down their noses at us and see lesser beings while we no longer look up at them and see leaders worthy of our respect.

To which, Brian responded with an expansion on the theme:

We are sad that our political leadership fails to seek, understand, and heed lessons from the past to avoid the costly mistakes which consumed much of the treasure and blood of prior generations.

We are sad that political expediency has trumped the balance of powers so beautifully constructed in the US Constitution.

We are sad that the sacrifices made by our founders and patriots over the last past two centuries are not dignified or respected by the peoples’ civic and political involvement, as evidenced by appallingly low voter participation in elections.

We are sad that so many of us seem to be willing to forego freedom in exchange for security in the form of enhanced entitlements.

We are sad that the line which distinguishes political leadership from celebrity has become blurred….resulting in us electing politicians who tell us what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear.

We are sad that politicians enable us in self-indulgence, as evidenced by us saddling the next generation with unsustainable debt in order to keep today’s party stoked.

We are sad that the media rewards the deviant, the arrogant, and those who call attention to themselves by pandering to base instincts while ignoring the humble and noble virtues which ultimately lead to a “good life” as defined by thinkers over the ages.

What do you think?