I hope to soon post more on each of the below issues, but for now, here is my quick take on a few key issues.  Feel free to comment.


Benghazi:  It seems to me that it grows clearer each day that the Obama Administration’s response to questions about the Benghazi Incident amount to a political calculation – nothing more.  Mr. Obama wanted to win the election.  His advisors convinced him (don’t know if it took much convincing) that his constant claim that “Al Qaeda is on the run” would be exposed for the fiction that it is unless they could show the attack on Benghazi to be unrelated to terrorism or Al Qaeda.  The political operatives and Mr. Obama compiled a series of lies and deceptions intended to dodge this bullet until after the election.  Kudos to Mr. Obama and his people as it appears that their plan worked well.

ObamacareObamacare:  The mess that is Obamacare (the “Affordable Care Act”) was a very hard sell to the majority of Americans.  Mr. Obama needed to convince a large group of people to abandon their current health care situations.  To do so, he promised time and again that “If you like your Doctor, you will be able to keep your Doctor.”   He told us time and again that Obamacare would save people money and would cost taxpayers nothing since it would be self funding.  He went so far as to claim, often, that this would save businesses money and would help cut into the National Debt.  Again, he only had to keep this act up until after the election.  The totality of this deception was understood by many, but not enough to keep him from winning a second term.  Large numbers of those who believed Mr. Obama and his minions just 3 or 4 months ago are now having serious regrets as I predict we all will, before he leaves office.

Common CoreEducation:  The top two tools of those who would subjugate a citizenry are, in my view, control of a system of universal taxation and control of a system of universal education of minors.  Our education system was first designed to ensure an informed public able to read, understand, and discuss the issues of the day.  Under the guidance of far too many in Government leadership over the past 50 years, we have turned our public education system into a public indoctrination system.  The final straw is the adoption of the Common Core Curriculum which basically dictates what we are to believe and what is to be taught.  For an interesting look at this issue, I recommend this article sent to me yesterday by a good friend.

IRSTaxation:  The purpose of the Internal Revenue Service (what a lovely euphemism for Tax Collectors) is to facilitate the collection of the taxes imposed by the government on its people.  Even when used in a consistent and legal manner, it can be a source of pain for most citizens.  The entire system of taxation seems to me to be slanted toward making it easy for our government to raise whatever funds it “wants” rather than collect the funds it “needs.”  This, in itself, is a very serious problem and one that cries for a complete reform of our system of taxation.  However, when it (the IRS) is used as a tool against political opponents, it becomes both a dangerous and effective weapon.  J. Edgar Hoover gave a face to the problem of government officials misusing a government agency.  For over 40 years, as head of the FBI, Hoover used his agency to collect information on his enemies (and friends) which he later used to intimidate them to do his bidding.  Since, Presidents, Governors, and others with powerful positions have used similar methods to gain and retain power.  The most recent example is the current administration’s use of the IRS to intimidate political opponents.  The suppression of right wing groups by the IRS can be argued to have taken just enough power and money from the Romney campaign to have turned the election to Mr. Obama.  Though he pleads complete innocence, it is beyond belief to think that he did not encourage, or, that his supporters did not direct the inappropriate IRS activities.  It is beyond belief because as this is written, the Democrats in Congress are busy rewriting the rules for 501(c)(4) organizations to further restrict the activities of mostly conservative groups in time for the coming elections.

lazyA Lazy, if not Complicit Media:  It is a sad state of affairs that our largest media organizations have chosen not to investigate and report on the activities of the IRS, or the Benghazi incident, or NSA abuses among others.  If you want examples of just how lazy/complicit the major media outlets have been, read this, this and this.  It seems that “lazy” is the nicest thing that can be said of our media and its current inability to investigate scandal after scandal in government.  With media help, the Obama Administration has earned the title as the Least Transparent Administration Ever – a well deserved title.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our “Main-stream Media” would shed some light on these scandals?  Don’t hold your breath.

What do you think?