Today is a good day at our business.  We just took an order for one of our concrete mixers.  In normal times that is a daily occurence.  Over the past 5 years, that has been a once a week occurrence at best.

It was a very interesting order.  The customer is new.  He is from Illinois.  He bought his first unit from us earlier this year.  He is using it on job sites to make large “eco-blocks.”  He says he has placed our mixer at a job site and is working 10 hours a day, making blocks as fast as he can.  He needs another unit for another job site.


Being a good salesman, our Sales Manager asked him if he was going to need more than one additional unit this year.  His response was, “I hope not.”  Surprised, our Sales Manager asked why he would not want to have a need for more units.  His response?  “It’s almost impossible to find workers who wouldn’t rather just sit at home on welfare and unemployment.”  Those he can find usually work a few days for some extra spending money (more lottery tickets?) and then go back on full-time unemployment.

I’m excited about the sale and saddened by the contractor who doesn’t want to expand because he can’t find the employees  that he needs to expand.