I am told that today, April 26th is National Pretzel Day.  And, National Richter Scale Day.  And, yes, also National Hug an Australian Day.  My guess is that these days are set aside to help the public to remember that Pretzels exist and that Australians need hugs, too.   Why do we need a special day to remember and recognize Charles F. Richter and his scale of earthquake magnitude?  I think, at least here on the West Coast, we get regular reminders in the form of earthquakes.


Oh, what we wouldn't give for a return to the Common Sense of Thomas Paine?

Oh, what we wouldn’t give for a return to the Common Sense of Thomas Paine?

So, do we really need another National Remembrance day?   Maybe so.

It seems so rare today to see people exercising common sense that we may need to have a holiday to help us remember that it was once a foundational characteristic of Americans.

Can you imagine a pioneer family on the Oregon Trail not protecting the borders of their wagon train?  It was just common sense to send scouts on ahead and to have armed members of the wagon train stationed all around the train.  How about the leaders of the wagon train suggesting that the entire convoy be disarmed and just rely on the Federal Government, in the form of an Army Cavalry unit, to protect them from horse rustlers, robbers and natives?  It would make no sense at all – would be counter to all common sense.  If you have watched our elected government officials in action, you know what I mean.

If we do set aside a National Common Sense Day, I recommend that it be the day before Congress starts its new session.  That would have National Common Sense Day typically fall on January 2nd.  Why that day?  I think it would be the day Members of Congress would be least likely to pass any laws that defy all common sense.