The current “gun control” drive by politicians in Washington, D.C. and state capitals has little if anything to do with gun control and everything to do with people control and politics.

What do you think is the likelihood that passing gun control laws will reduce gun crime?

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An article today on the Political Outcast Blog describes murders committed with microwave ovens, kitchen spatulas, and toilet tank lids.  The obvious rhetorical question is, “Should we do background checks before you can buy one of these?  The equally obvious answer is, “No.”

About two thirds of all gun related deaths in the United States are suicides.  Do you think that limiting the size of a magazine would have any effect on this statistic?  So why all the noise and new laws?

I think that much of the law passed in Congress and at the state level is politicians looking for ways to show their constituents that they are doing something.  I also think that very little of it does much other than buy a few votes here and there.

Gun Control laws are far less likely to prevent a single death than they are to do two other things that I think are really important to the politicians:

1.  They help secure votes;

2.  They increase political control over the population and increase the need for more government employees to handle the paperwork and enforcement issues created by the bills.

It appears that the areas of our country with the strictest gun controls may have the highest gun death statistics.  However, the opposite conclusion recently came from a carefully crafted study by the CDC.  The facts seem to lie somewhere in between.

Trying to say this city or that state has higher gun related deaths because it has stricter or more lax gun control measures is just part of the politicization of the topic.  It would now appear that demographics may play a bigger part than laws or lack of them.  As a general rule, more gun homicides occur in urban poor areas than rural moderate income areas.  More suicides by firearm occur in rural areas than urban.

Gun related homicides are far greater in urban areas which tend to have much stricter gun control laws and denser, poorer populations.  Especially when only gun related homicides are included, it appears that more gun restrictions equals more homicides.   Gun related suicides and accidental deaths (hunting accidents, etc.) are far greater in rural areas and the West where gun laws are generally more lax.   When suicides and accidental deaths are included with homicides, it appears that lax gun laws cause more gun deaths.  So studies that want to show statistics in favor of gun control, look at total gun deaths.  Those studies and media reports that want to show that restrictive gun laws do not lower gun related deaths emphasize only the homicide numbers.  Again, it’s politics, not solutions to problems.

An honest discussion of the problem would have a very large component concerning mental health, family breakdown, PTSD, gangs, etc., and less talk of how we can take guns from those who hold them legally.

What do you think?