In a previous post, I wrote that Someone in the White House Needs to Grow Up.  I was talking about the politicians acting like children and saying, “…if you don’t play by my rules, I’m going to take my ball and go home.”  Shutting down White House Tours and saying it is due to the Sequester is about as childish as a politician can get.  Anyone who truly believes that reducing the increase in government spending by a couple of percent will be solved by shutting down White House Tours is not bright enough to vote.  Anyone who thinks this is not a purely political move to make the taxpayers hurt is just a dumb.

Bill Whittle has a comment or two about this and he has a couple of questions that would nice to have answered.  See for yourself (6 minute video):

This YouTube link has some problems and seems to fail occasionally.  If it does, link to the original here:

Making It Hurt from

It is not enough for the President and his huge staff to stoop to this.  It seems that most every organization that is funded by your Federal Tax dollars wants to show you how great will be the negative effect of not raising their entitlements funding (as much as they want).

Having spent 9 years in the Air Force and having graduated from the Air Force Academy, I am a big fan of our Air Force and in particular, love to see the Thunderbirds (Air Force Demonstration Team) perform.  I think the Thunderbirds have performed at every graduation ceremony at the Academy since the first class, 1959.  Last week, in the Academy Association of Graduates eNewsletter, it was announced that the Thunderbirds would not perform for this year’s graduation.  Why?  They are canceling all performances for the rest of the fiscal year due to the Sequester.  Right.

And because Apple’s shareholders didn’t buy as many computers in the past quarter as Apple leadership projected, Apple will cease supporting their computers until the shareholders come around.  That would make it hurt for the shareholders.  How do you think they would react?  I think Tim Cook would be looking for a new job.  Yet most politicians and government agency heads seem to pull this stuff off like nobody is watching.  Why?