For weeks, Mr. Obama and all his spokespeople have been emphasizing every possible negative effect of the Sequester.  They want you to hate it.  They don’t want limits on how much they can spend.  When Mr. Obama signed the legislation in August of 2011 that created the ‘Sequester’, he said, “Is this the deal I would have preferred? No. But this compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction we need, and gives each party a strong incentive to get a balanced plan done before the end of the year.”

Among the threatened and now factual negative effects of the Sequester is the suspension of White House Tours.

It is hard to believe that grown men and women would resort to such petty actions as to shut off tours of the White House at the start of Spring Break.  And they did this just to show the people that allowing the Sequester to go into effect was wrong.  I am reminded of being told by a teacher to write on the blackboard 50 times, “I will not correct the teacher in front of the class.”  If you have the temerity to point out the truth, in the eyes of the immature or egotistical, you need to be put in your place.


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Some very Childish or Egotistical person at the White House thought we all needed to be put in our place for allowing the Sequester to happen.  What is really revolting about this whole mess is that there is no individual in the White House who has put a stop to it.  Even if this is far below the ‘pay grade’ of the President, it says something very telling about those with whom he has surrounded himself that they have not reversed this decision or even that they let it happen in the first place.

In his first four years in office, Mr. Obama has lead a government that has added $6 Trillion to its deficit.  It is no mystery that a lot of citizens feel this is wrong. Nor is it hard to understand that here is fairly strong public sentiment that we should control government spending.  Obviously, if Mr. Obama wanted to control spending, he could start the process by submitting budgets to Congress each year that did not increase the deficit.  He has not done that.

He obviously doesn’t want to cut budgets.  He wants to spend $50 Million on new uniforms for the TSA.  He wants to play an average of 25 rounds of golf a year.  He has wanted to spend over $350 Million remodeling the White House to make it more comfortable for him and his family.  The more he has to spend, the more favors he can dole out.  The more often he can play Santa Claus.

I’m embarrassed by my government and its current ‘leadership.’