The following video is almost 34 minutes long.  I highly recommend that you watch the entire thing.  If you want the Reader’s Digest Version, just watch for about two minutes.  First, watch from 15:00 to 16:10.    That minute and 10 seconds sums up his point about the problem of fatherless families.  Then watch the final 60 seconds, from the 32:45 mark where he concludes (his exasperation) about Republicans not standing up for what is right and always being nice.



In the talk, Mr. Elder rails against the welfare state.  He feels there is no place for ANY participation in welfare by the Federal Government and that what welfare programs we may need should all be at the most local level.  At one point, at the 14:15 mark, he tells us that there are three keys to making it into the middle class and avoiding poverty:  1.  Graduate from High School; 2. Don’t have children before the age of 20; and 3. Be married before you have children.  If you do those three things,  you will avoid poverty.  Fail to do those three things and you will live in poverty.

He also tells a story about incentives that, alone, is worth the price of admission.

Watch the video and then comment please.