Today there was a brief post at GodFather Politics about Taxation as Theft.

It pointed out that Governments have no money and no source of income.  In order to spend, they need to either tax (take money from their subjects) or print money.  Both are forms of theft.  One is direct and the other is through devaluing what you have.

I am reminded of something that was a real wake-up call for me a number of years ago.  In the early 80s, Marilyn, a gal who was a key member of our staff was gifted a home by her parents.  They had bought the home newly built on a 25 year fixed mortgage.  They had long since paid off the mortgage and were moving to a seniors retirement area away from where they had lived the previous 35+ years.

The home was modest, about 1200 square feet on a typical city lot.  It was, however paid-for.  Being quite frugal, this was a wonderful thing for Marilyn.  All she would have to pay each month would be the property taxes and insurance.  The insurance on the home (optional since she had no mortgage holder to protect) was under $25 per month.  The property tax was over $220 per month.  She was very pleased to have her cost of housing drop from $500+ for her small apartment to under $250 for a home of her own.

After she had moved in, she had her folks over for dinner one night so they could see what she had done to make the home hers.  Over the dinner table, she explained just how thankful she was and how this had really changed her life.  Now she and her son (she was widowed quite young) had a better place to live and at far less cost.  She told them that with only the taxes and insurance, she was paying under $250 a month instead of the old $500 payment for her apartment.  Her folks were shocked.  How could she be paying $250 per month.  Upon further discussion, they learned that Marilyn was paying $220 a month in taxes alone, over twice what they had paid for a mortgage ($108) for 25 years.

If you stop paying your mortgage, the bank can take your home.  In fact, the bank owns your house.  Most people understand that.  Yet, we never hear people saying that the government owns their house even though it would take your house for non-payment of taxes just like the bank would for non-payment of your mortgage.  So the question arose, who owns the house, Marilyn or the Government?  It is a good question to ask.

What do you really own that is not subject to government theft?  Your home?  Your car?  Your boat?  Your Hunting Shotgun?  Your business?   If you don’t know the answer, try not paying your taxes or your license and permit fees.