Why did you vote for Mr. Romney or for Mr. Obama?

Why did you vote for Mr. Romney or for Mr. Obama?

Why did I ask,  “Questions for those who voted for Mr. Obama in 2012” ?   I was disappointed, but not surprised by the response.

My post on 12/14 was intended to learn the reasons why people voted for Mr. Obama in spite of terrible economic, social, and political news throughout his first term in office.

If I had read a blog that asked those questions of me regarding my vote for Mr. Romney, here is how I would have answered:

1.  Mr. Romney has spent his entire life doing good things for other people.  He is not selfish, nor power hungry, nor self centered.  In short, he is a good man. LIke I do when I hire people to work for our company, the first and most important question to answer is “Is this a GOOD person?”

2.  Mr. Romney has spent most of his life balancing a business career with his responsibilities as a husband and parent, and his church responsibilities.  He has an excellent understanding of  our economy and how business works.  He has a great deal of experience solving business and organizational problems.  I was very impressed by his ability to organize and lead the Salt Lake City Olympics to a successful and profitable run proves his ability to take on a big and challenging task and lead a disparate group of people to reach their goals.  His ability to work with politicians from the other party as he did when Governor, led me to believe he would be able to deal with all the various political factions in Washington, D.C.

3.  Though Mr. Romney never blew me away with his oratorial skills, he had the nerve to have a discussion with the American people about issue we must face, like the National Debt, Medicare, Social Security, and Traditional Social Values.

4.  His broad experience in the Business, Government Service, and Non-Profit worlds made him uniquely qualified to take on an Executive position even bigger than that of Governor or CEO or Church Stake President, all of which positions he held and performed successfully.

I have asked the same questions of numerous friends who are liberal politically and who I assumed had voted for Mr. Obama.  The only responses that I have received were reasons why these individuals had voted against Mr. Romney, not why they had voted for Mr. Obama.  The other common thread to answers from those who voted for Mr. Obama was that he had inherited the problems from Republicans and needed more time to solve the problems.  In other words, Mr. Obama failed to accomplish in 4 years what he had promised to do in one year but still deserved four more years.

I wonder if those who voted for Mr. Obama are ashamed of their vote and therefore won’t answer, or, if in trying to find reasons why they voted for Mr. Obama, they found there were none, just reasons why they voted agains Mr. Romney.