If you wore this button in 2008, this post is for you.


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I’m sure you had good reasons to vote for Barrack Obama for President in 2008.  In spite of the fact that little was known about Mr. Obama and the media was not inclined to help us learn more, you thought he really did represent our HOPE for a better America.  In spite of the fact that he had little or no relevant experience, you voted for him because you rejected all the incumbents who, if they returned to office, would continue to build a bigger and more invasive government.  He promised CHANGE and you wanted things to change in Washington.  You wanted transparency and Mr. Obama promised that.  You wanted someone fresh and new and enthusiastic, not more of the same Imperial Washington, D.C. living like Kings and dictating how life would be in America.  He promised lower unemployment, a stronger economy.  He promised to end the partisan bickering in Washington, to build coalitions with both parties to get problems solved.  He promised to cut our dependence on foreign energy sources and to solve the problems with current medical care insurance and costs.  In short, he offered, no, promised, to solve most of our major problems and to do it in an ethical and transparent government that would make you feel good about Washington, D.C. again.

Unfortunately, he has delivered on almost none of those promises.  If you read only the Left-leaning Press, you can convince yourself that all the negatives are conspiracy theories or lies.  If you take the time to look at a variety of sources, your eyes may be opened to something not as glowing as what you want to believe.  Of the 508 Promises made by Mr. Obama in his 2008 Campaign that are being followed by the Tampa Bay Times Politifact.com, Mr. Obama has, in four years lived up to less than 38% of them.  Those promises bought lots of followers and lots of votes, but the change he promised with them seems illusive, especially to those who banked on the promises that he broke.

His promise of transparency was blown out of the water early on.  The very first law he signed as President was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Play Act.  He signed it into law less than two days after it was passed (not the minimum of five days of posting for comments that he promised).  Rather than debate the health care reform legislation on television as promised, he allowed his surrogates in Congress to craft it in back-room deals to ram it through without anyone knowing what was in the bill.  As House Speaker Pelosi famously noted, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it ….away from the fog of controversy.”

You didn’t want an Imperial Presidency but you got a President who played golf (over 100 times) more than he met with his cabinet (4 times).  You got a first lady who took amazing trips, “fit for a queen” that she couldn’t take before but felt she could now, at the taxpayer’s expense.  You wanted a President who would work diligently and use your tax money wisely as he promised he would.  Four years after promising to fix Social Security, he has failed to even propose a fix, let alone do anything about it.

He promised unemployment would drop and jobs would be created.  He has failed at both.  There are now approximately 5,000,000 people who have left the workforce during Mr. Obama’s term of office and contrary to most of his campaign rhetoric, something like 1.2 million more people are unemployed today than when Mr. Obama took office.   The economy is more deeply troubled than it has been, possibly ever, with fears of complete collapse under the weight of about $5 Trillion in borrowed spending during just his four year term.

He promised to end the partisan bickering in Washington but instead had done more to create class envy and to divide our nation than any public servant in my memory.  Watch any of his reelection ads and you will see attacks on the rich.  Is he unaware that they pay the vast majority of our taxes already and make the majority of the investments that create real jobs?  I don’t think he is, but, I do think he feels by destroying the rich he alienates only a small number of people and buys votes from a large group who envy the rich.


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If you still support Mr. Obama for President, you need to ask yourself a few questions.  Do I still feel guilty about how Blacks have been treated in America and am I still trying to assuage this guilt?  Do I truly believe that Mr. Obama performed his duties and achieved results in such a manner that he deserves another four years?  Am I so invested in my support that I would be disgraced if I did not vote for him again?

After 4 years of Hope and Change, do you now fear change so much that you will vote for Mr. Obama in spite of his failures.  If you do still plan to vote for Mr. Obama, have you considered Albert Einstein’s famous quote “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Fear mongering and class envy are at the heart of the Obama Campaign.  See here (to scare women), here (to scare the middle class and demonize “rich” people), and here (to scare everyone about healthcare).  Scaring people and Demonizing minorities of voters is not a plan for the future unless it is a plan to help you retain your power.

If you will take just a small percentage of the time you spend reading left-leaning Obama Supporters, you may understand why you see so few Obama bumper stickers and lawn signs this year.  Are you wearing the Obama ’12 button?  Does your car sport an Obama ’12 bumper sticker?  People who voted for Mr. Obama in 2008 are embarrassed by him (and Mr. Biden) and only a very small percentage (compared to 2008) are advertising their support.  There are reasons for that:  Mr. Obama’s Broken Promises, his policy failures, the failed Stimulus Plan, the Healthcare Plan that was rammed down our throats, the excessive spending, etc.,etc., etc.

In short, the embarrassment of the earlier (and understandable) mistaken vote for Mr. Obama will not hurt nearly as bad as four more years of broken promises, backroom deals, and policy failures.  You should seriously consider voting for Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan or just staying home.