Since writing the post, “Broken” last month, I have had quite a bit of input that shows that I was far too easy on both Mr. Obama and his Administration.

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If you are a worshipper of Mr. Obama, you should read no further.   The list of problems, mistakes, and purely political moves by the current administration grows by the day. It suggests that Mr. Obama’s leadership is either terribly flawed, or, both brilliantly creative in its ability to deceive and ruthless in its willingness to destroy institutions and individuals in order to secure more power for the Executive branch and for Mr. Obama and his party.

Here is a further list adding to the brief one in the post “Broken:”

1.   To deflect criticism of the total failure of intelligence and security planning that resulted in the deaths of four Libyan Embassy employees, the Administration and Mrs. Clinton’s State Department spent valuable resources spinning the Benghazi attacks. By creating the fiction that the attack was caused by a little-viewed anti Muhammed YouTube video, the State Department sought to avoid criticism for their complete mismanagement of the security of the the Libyan Mission.  The fact that the FBI took over two weeksto get to Benghazi to investigate is a sure sign that the State Department does not want the facts to come out.

2.  The EPA is attempting to take on god-like powers, usurping the authority of other agencies.  Example?  The EPA is trying to veto a mining project in Alaska that has not yet even made its application to the Army Corps of Engineers (the legal arbiter of such applications, not the EPA).

3.  The President is using the powers of his incumbency to an extent greater than any predecessor, and you are paying for it.  Examples?  Mr. Obama and his administration are suing the Chinese Auto Industry to make political points in Ohio and Michigan as the reelection campaign heats up.  Then he has started a potential trade war with Mexico that would kill a successful agreement with Mexico on tomato imports.  That effort is to buy votes from Florida tomato farmers, related businesses and their allies.  The unfortunate result will be negative (increased prices and less availability) for most Americans.

4.  Mr. Obama’s use of Air Force One as a campaign tool (more):  More than any previous President, Mr. Obama has used Air Force One as an extension of his “Bully Pulpit” to ferry him to campaign stops.  Imagine how impressive  it is for the President to come to your town in Air Force One versus coming in a chartered jet or in a motorcade or Bus.  Though his campaign picks up a part of the tab, taxpayers cover the rest.  Is this how Mr. Obama prioritizes and saves taxpayer money?

5.  The current Administration seems afraid to use our military as a diplomatic tool.  The end result is a very expensive military organization that is muzzled by its owners.  Imagine protecting an Embassy with a substantial force of Marines and then not giving them live ammunition – Oh, wait.  That’s what we did in Benghazi.  That’s also what we are doing with our military worldwide.

6.  Mr. Obama’s claims he is working for you as hard as he can……pretty hard to believe when he has time for over 100 rounds of golf in less than 4 years.  And now he needs four more years to complete the promises he once said he would do in four years.  Can you imagine any CEO lasting for close to four years with a record of failure, who blamed others for his shortcomings, and who got in 100 rounds of golf during that period of failure?  I can’t.