Ten days ago, I sent two copies of a dealer agreement to a new dealer for our Stealth 4X4 side-by-side vehicles.  I mailed it to an address on East 10th Street in Eugene, Oregon.  It cost me $2.30.  Many calls back and forth with the dealer ensued because the contracts never arrived.

Today I found out why.  We had addressed the package to East 10th Street but the address was actually East 10th Avenue.  For that, the USPS returned the package.


I was unhappy with the service that we had received from the USPS so (after an hour of cooling off) I called 1-800-ASK-USPS to speak with someone in Customer Service.  After waiting through 3 different menus, I chose to speak to a customer service representative.  After a five minute wait during which I was repeatedly told that due to unusually high volume of phone traffic I would have to wait, I did get to talk with a representative.

I asked her if this was the policy of the USPS.  She said it was.  She said that they get constant complaints from customers when mail is delivered to wrong addresses.  She asked me to imagine how upset I would be if they had delivered it to the wrong address and an unscrupulous sort decided to keep my package.  She claimed that this was standard policy.  I asked if I would need to spend another $2.30 after I crossed out the word Street and replaced it with the word Avenue.  She said I would.

Her argument would almost make sense except for two things.  First, there is no East 10th Street in Eugene, Oregon.  There is not East 10th Place or Circle or Blvd., or Way.  The only street name with ” East 10th” in the name is East 10th Avenue.  Second, If I had sent it to the wrong address and the USPS had delivered it as addressed, it would be my fault, not theirs.  How could I complain?  Did I mention that the representative was talking down to me in a very condescending manner the whole time?  I could literally feel her rolling her eyes as she answered my questions.

Is it any wonder why people are losing faith in the Postal Service?