Today I saw a photo of a woman at the Democratic National Convention sporting a campaign button.  It said, “Obama ’12 – Yes We Can, Again.”


Photo thanks to the Wall Street Journal

It made me question the message.  What is it that “We Can” do again?

Can we, Again, fool enough of the electorate into believing our promises for the next four years, even though we made good on precious few of the promises we made four years ago?

Can we, Again, blame all the nation’s ills on others while taking no responsibility for anything negative?

Can we continue to divide the nation like never before by demonizing first the banks, then the insurance companies, then the rich?  Are you next?

Can we, Again, spend more than $750 Billion in only two years (the Stimulus) and have almost nothing to show for it?

Can we pass a massive healthcare reform bill that will take services and choices from most people and will cost $Trillions that we don’t have?

Can we justify ever bigger and more invasive government by claiming that nobody has done or can do anything without the help of the Government?

Can we side with Teacher’s Unions and prevent parents from having a choice in how their children are educated?

Can we continue to fail to balance a budget or even try to do so for another four years?

Can we continue to promise jobs when increasingly our government’s actions depress investment in business?

Asking for four more years to do more of the same while hoping for a better results strikes me as the message of a campaign that feels the electorate is just plain dumb.  As Albert Einstein once mused, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I hope the majority understand that if they reelect Mr. Obama and his friends, they will be asking to further divide the country, to create more and greater deficits and national debt, and to further expand government control and to further limit personal freedoms.

I hope our electorate is not that dumb.  It appears that the Democrats are banking on it.