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What do you think the chances are that we have voters in this country who are not eligible to vote but who vote anyway?  I think it is just north of 100%.  Whether it is common or has ever influenced a choice, I’m not sure.

My guess is that just like in most realms, there are unscrupulous people who are willing to cheat to get what they want.  Doesn’t it make sense to make it harder to cheat?  What would be wrong with requiring all voters to register using a picture I.D. issued by a government agency?

Please tell me why it is not a problem that I require a detailed application, must apply in person and sign in front of the agent, provide evidence of citizenship, and a photo to get a passport, yet, I can register to vote without being present and without any proof that I am eligible?  I hope to get answers to this question from some of my liberal friends.

In the meantime, watch this and then tell me we don’t have a problem, or at least a potential problem with voter fraud.