On Friday the 13th of July, in Roanoke, Virginia, Mr. Obama put his foot squarely in his mouth when he told a crowd of supporters, “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”

Mr. Obama and a clement press have been falling all over themselves denying that Mr. Obama meant what he said.  James Taranto makes a great case in showing that what Mr. Obama did was to reveal his true beliefs in spite of his many denials since.

Mr. Romney pounced on the opportunity to show the American people just what Mr. Obama really thinks about private enterprise and people who own or work for private companies.


This debate will continue and Mr. Obama will continue to say he didn’t mean it and Mr. Romney will continue to say that Mr. Obama revealed his true feelings.

What concerns me is that Mr. Obama has no idea what it means to be an entrepreneur or to start and run a private enterprise. And, for his part, Mr. Romney fails to mention the key factor in entrepreneurship, the part to which Mr. Obama has never been exposed in his life  – Risk.  The average business owner has mortgaged his home to finance his business.  That’s risk.   Most have had times when they lost most everything but took the risk and started again.  And many, to meet a payroll, have offered their last possessions as collateral to borrow the needed funds -that’s risk.  Mr. Obama doesn’t understand that since he has never had to risk anything but maybe a few votes.  He proves on a daily basis, as he did in Roanoke, that he has led a sheltered life and has no concept of what makes our economy work.  He actually believes the economy only needs ‘magic money’ taken from the rich to get the economy going.  He has never read and would not understand the story of the Goose the Laid the Golden Egg.

Here it is, in a nutshell, Mr. Obama.  What makes our economy work is people; people who are motivated by the opportunity to determine their own future and who view that future as a better place than where they are today; people who are willing to take risks and back up those risks with whatever effort it takes to realize their goals.  What makes our economy work has almost nothing to do with government except that it takes great determination and effort on the part of an entrepreneur to overcome the obstacles placed in the way by government.  Sure, Government coordinates the roads, the bridges, the telecommunications networks and other infrastructure which assists most businesses.  It does so with money taken from the profitable businesses and is done with zero financial risk to the government or its employees.

It is almost beyond comprehension that the people of this nation, the most prosperous ever seen,  one built by a dynamic private enterprise system could elect a President so uninformed and lacking in understanding of the nation’s economy.  It will take a lot to turn this country’s economy around, but it will not be possible as long as the country’s political leader is from a universe that has never even experimented with a capitalistic economic system and who has never known risk.  The road to the Presidency should not be through entitlements, set-asides, protected employment and a culture of envy.