No Longer the King of Dirty Tricks?


Today’s Wall Street Journal carried an editorial by Kimberly Strassel entitled The President Has a List.  I urge you to read it.

It talks about a Barack Obama Campaign website* that has attacked private individuals for donating to Mr. Romney’s campaign.  It names names, calls people criminals, and essentially threatens them for having committed the sin of being rich or having contributed to Mr. Romney….or both.

If you can read the article (and assume it is true) without revulsion, there is something wrong with you.  Richard Nixon would have blushed at such slime.  It is beyond my comprehension that any sitting President could stoop to this level.  I’m not a fan of Mr. Obama.  I think he is doing a very poor job.  But, even I, did not believe he would do something as unprincipled and just-plain-devious as this.

In my view, he has two choices.  He can try to convince us that he knows nothing of this and that it is not his responsibility or he can condemn this activity, apologize to the victims, and, fire all those who played a part in it.  If he chooses the latter, I will give him points for leading as he should.  He will stand a bit taller in my view.

On the other hand, if Mr. Obama says that he knows nothing of this and it is not his responsibility, it will further prove him to be unfit to serve as President.  This is being done by people employed by one of his campaign websites.  What they say and do is his responsibility.  It has been out there on the internet since April 20th and as of this writing (before noon on Friday the 27th of April) it is still there.  See it here.

I guess he has another option.  He could say, “What’s wrong with this?”  That would do it for me.  I would then not only feel he is incompetent; I would know he is either immoral or amoral – can’t make up my mind yet.  I hope this is not the case.

* – is listed on the official reelection website as a “related site.”