The other night, my wife and I went to the grocery store.  After we checked out and started walking to the car, she asked me if I had seen the woman in front of us in line.  I said I had seen her and her two kids and asked why.  She asked if I had noticed her professionally manicured hands or her pedicured feet.  I, of course, had not.  She said, “Well, she paid for that basket of junk food with an Oregon Trail Card (that’s the credit card replica that allows food stamp recipients to use their food stamps without the shame of using food stamps).”  She mentioned that it really ticked her off that she was paying her taxes so a woman could have a manicure that she, my wife, could not afford.  I agree.  It ticks me off, too.


I mentioned that it perturbs me when I see a young couple tattooed from head to toe and with a dozen or so piercings each walking with their children who are dressed in rags and have shoes with holes in them.  How can they possibly have the money needed for the “body art” but not enough to take care of their kids?

Then, while I was still in a frosty mood after seeing these things, we drove from the grocery store past the local steel mill.  There were about 15 members of the steelworkers union carrying their picket signs, waving and shouting at passing cars.  They are on strike.  I don’t know their reasons, but imagine it is that they want more pay and benefits.  If that is the case, I think they need an attitude adjustment.  Don’t they know that the only people entitled to “more” are government officials and government workers?