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I have recently read many reports on the Supreme Court’s hearings examining the constitutionality of Obamacare.  Obamacare seeks to have most Americans covered by a healthcare program of some sort whether as a benefit of a caring government or at a legally mandated cost to the beneficiary.  The Supreme Court is looking closely at the constitutionality of mandating that private citizens buy a policy of insurance.  It occurred to me that the thrust of Obamacare is to take the easy way out.  Provide the free benefit to their happy constituents without having to tax them.  It is just one more instance where the liberals hope to pass off their responsibilities to the next generations.  Let me explain.

The heart and soul of Obamacare, and the part the Justices are looking at most closely, is the mandate that all citizens must purchase healthcare coverage.  Most people realize that this has little to do with “caring” for people and wanting to ensure that everyone has healthcare coverage.  It is merely a tool to pay for the broad expansion of “free” healthcare services.   To pay for the new and expanded programs requires those who use the fewest healthcare resources, the young, to pay the bill for all the others.  In other words, Obamacare is a huge expansion of government provided health benefits to be paid for by youthful members of society.  We are selling our children into the chains we are forging today.

The reason I say “just one more instance” of passing on their responsibilities is that, the pattern of the Liberals, and frankly most entrenched Washington Political Operatives, is to give their constituencies gifts today for which they plan to have others pay at a later date.  Witness the wrangling over the Budget.  The Democrats show no interest in even slowing the pace of spending, and, the Republicans seem satisfied with balancing the budget by about 2040.  Neither party and few of Washington’s elite show any urgency in cutting back, in being fiscally responsible.  To keep their power, the Washington elites feel they have to keep buying votes with bigger and better benefits for their key constituents.  Cutting back is not in their vocabulary.


The school leaders, all members of the Senior Class, wanted to make their Graduation Ball a very fancy (and expensive) affair.  They knew this would be a big deal and make them popular with their classmates.  “Wow, that was the best Senior Ball EVER!”  Unfortunately,they had to find a way to pay for it.  They found they could try to raise the funds with car washes and bake sales and the like.  That, they thought, would be too much effort.  They could charge everyone who attended the Ball $100 instead of the $30 charged the year before.  That would cover the costs of their big bash now, but it would not sit well with the members of their class.  Or, they discovered, they could fund their unnecessary extravagance through Student Body Membership fees.  Since the Seniors held all the top positions in the Student Council, they had the power to change the dues for membership in the Association of Students.  By requiring all members of every class to pay $35 per semester, they could easily cover the costs of their Ball and still have enough funds (the same amount generated by the previous dues of $15) to cover the other events and activities normally run by the Student Body.  Of course, the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors could not participate except as dates of Seniors.  But, they already had the power and if the underclassmen didn’t like it, well, tough.  Someday, the underclasses would have the power and they could do what they wanted.  Of course that assumed that the Senior Class didn’t leave them with such a big debt that it buried them.  In fact, when it became their turn, the underclasses could do the same thing and just make the lower classes pay for even more and fancier events for the Seniors.  Sounds a lot like Congress, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air if we tossed out every one of them this Fall and elected people who would take responsibility now, not pass it off to future generations.  If I were 20, 30, or 40 years younger, I would be scared to death by the burden my elders were placing on me.  I can’t imagine ANY 20 or 30-something voting for a single liberal whether he or she was labeled Democrat or Republican.