Sandra Fluke – Limbaugh Made Her a Star

If you have never visited, put this on your list.  Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre (between Lethbridge and Waterton, Alberta, Canada is worth a trip, not just a visit.  It, amazingly, tells a true story of the Native North Americans of the area.  It’s not the politically correct, historically inaccurate, story of people, at one with nature, that we portray so often here in the US.

Historically Accurate Portrayal of Early Natives in North America

Inaccurate Portrayal of a Women's Health Issue

I haven’t been there since about 2002, but was thinking about it today while watching a video of Sandra Fluke testifying before Nancy Pelosi in a made-for-politics-only press event.  I know.  That’s quite a stretch, but stick with me.

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is an Interpretive Centre.  Its goal is to interpret as accurately as can be done, the culture of the native people who lived in the area before the ‘white man’ came on the scene.  Like many other such parks and monuments, there are exhibits that show what the natives ate, how they clothed themselves, what their tools and weapons looked like, etc.  It addition, however, the main feature of the site and the center is an exploration of how they fed themselves – how they hunted.  The site is at the base of a cliff.  It is where literally thousands of bones of buffalo have been found.  Reconstructing and interpreting the historical findings, it is almost certain that the “hunters” drove the buffalo in huge herds over the cliff where other waiting hunters clubbed the crippled and dying animals to death.  There is a fair amount of historical data showing that the natives killed far more animals than they could use and they left the extras to rot.  Eventually, the herds in the area were diminished and the tribes moved to greener pastures.

If a Native American Rights group had assembled the Centre in the United States, it almost surely would have put a different spin on the hunting method.  You would be led to believe that the hunters carefully weeded out the lame and infirm animals and only killed them.  You would likely leave understanding that the natives were at one with nature, abused nothing, and, in fact left the land better than they found it.  You would be made to feel that what you and other humans are doing to provide for your food, clothing, etc., was far less mature and culturally advanced and that you should be ashamed of yourself.  And, by the way, you need to encourage your congressperson to vote for the new bill being put forth in Congress to provide fully subsidized food and housing for all Native Americans, plus free tuition at any school of their choice and ………..

Recently, Rush Limbaugh raised the hackles of the feminists with some very crude remarks about a 30 year old activist/student, Sandra Fluke.  House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Ms. Fluke, want to use Limbaugh’s over-the-top comments (fairly common for him) to further their cause.   That cause is, narrowly, to have women’s contraception medications provided for any woman who wants them, at “no cost,” and more broadly to have tax payers subsidize benefits which would inure to Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Fluke’s constituents, in this case, folks who align with the feminists.

The day before Mr. Limbaugh’s comments, Ms. Pelosi had taken advantage of a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing that looked at the propriety of the Obamacare mandate that all employers provide, within their healthcare plans, contraception medications for their female employees.  The hearing was specifically called to discuss the issue of “Freedom of Religion vs. Government Mandates on Religious Organization against their precepts.”  Sandra Fluke tried to crash that party to give the committee her views on Georgetown University, its health care plan, and why she feels our government must force institutions to provide contraception medication for female students.  Congressman Issa, Chair of the committee rejected her attempts to speak to the group.  She then plead to House Minority leader Pelosi to be heard.  Ms. Pelosi saw a great opportunity to earn points with her feminist base so she set up a special hearing specifically to give Ms. Fluke a soapbox.

For her part, Ms. Fluke brought many of her friends and fellow activists to watch as she gave a highly distorted view of the horrors of life at Georgetown without free contraceptive medication.  Ms. Fluke’s “Interpretive Center” would be display after display of women writhing in pain, suffering for lack of access to prohibitively expensive contraceptive medicines.  On the one had it would make you feel that a student could not possibly  afford the over “$100 per month’ cost of such “vital” medical care.  On the other she would argue that for no cost to you or me or anyone, Georgetown could provide this “vital” care for it’s students.  See the entire “testimony” here.  Her distortions of the truth were blatant.  Ms. Pelosi’s charade and Ms. Fluke’s “testimony” should have died the death of most Youtube duds, until Mr. Limbaugh opened his mouth.

Mr. Limbaugh gave to Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Fluke more publicity than they could ever have imagined.  It was a big mistake on his part.  A specious argument by an amateur activist gained traction.  It should not have.  In the words of Jacob Sullum, an editor at Reason Magazine,  “The essence of Fluke’s argument is that reproductive freedom requires free birth control. By the same logic, religious freedom requires kosher food subsidies, freedom of speech requires taxpayer-funded computers, and the right to bear arms requires government-supplied guns.”  Limbaugh made her a star for a couple of days, but more like a soap opera star replete with bad acting and over dramatization.  I’d much rather visit Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre than watch Ms. Fluke’s testimony again.