Rob Cornilles stopped his regular life.  He stopped his business life.  He stopped his family life.  He turned all his time over to running for Congress.  I’m convinced he did not do it for power as many do.  I’m convinced he did it for the right reasons.  He wanted to participate in fixing Washington, D.C.

I have met Rob on three occasions.  He is sharp in that he grasps the important parts of a situation quickly.  He is thoughtful and concerned.  He takes a business approach to problems, always seeking an effective solution.  He remembers and shows gratitude.  He is humorous and personable.  If you don’t believe that, watch a bit of fun he had just a week before the election.



He lost and I am sure he is very disappointed.  He is not accustomed to failing.  But he failed only at being elected.  He did not fail at getting more people involved in the system.  He did not fail at setting a great example for political conduct.  For that we should all be thankful.  In fact, here’s my note of thanks to Rob.

Dear Rob,

Thank you.  Please thank your family for me.  You have already thanked all your wonderful volunteers, but I thank them, too.

The sacrifices that you and your family have made, in order to give the First Congressional District better representation, go beyond what we should be asking of anyone.  I truly appreciate what you have done.

Your effort was herculean yet you seemed calm and even in good humor throughout.  I don’t know how you did it.

Your attitude today as you were interviewed over and over again was refreshingly positive…..”He is a wise man who does not grieve for the thing which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”  – Epictetus

You are a fine example of what this country needs – the citizen representative.  I hope you continue to find ways to help us change our country back to a nation of positive, freedom loving, hard working, innovative and independent people as we once were.

I would fully understand if you chose to return to your previous life and wash your hands of politics.  In fact, if I were advising you, I would tell you not to consider running again without commitments that would assure you of at least a level playing field concerning monetary resources.  I would still love to see you as my Representative.

My real message is just a simple thanks for taking on a job that was neither easy nor fun, but, which had to be done.  You are a hero in my eyes and the eyes of many.

With great respect,

Tom Vail