The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (The Stimulus Bill) is a cruel joke.

The Democrats who controlled Congress and the Administration of President Obama claimed that the near 800 Billion Dollar “Stimulus” was needed to jumpstart the sagging economy.  They told us that our economy could only rebound if government stepped in to save us (from ourselves).  I would argue that the Stimulus Bill was, for the most part, a tool to reward those who had supported Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress in the 2008 elections.  It was partisan use of the tax dollars that you have paid to buy votes for Mr. Obama and his friends.  And it was on a scale greater than any pork ever voted by Congress, ever.

That is not how Mr. Obama or his supporters saw the bill.  From the website on February 17, 2009 – “What I am signing is a balanced plan with a mix of tax cuts and investments. It is a plan that’s been put together without earmarks or the usual pork barrel spending. And it is a plan that will be implemented with an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability,” President Obama said before signing the bill into law. “And we expect you, the American people, to hold us accountable for the results. That is why we have created – so every American can go online and see how their money is being spent.”  Really?




I would argue that every sentence in that signing statement by our President is untrue and was known to be untrue when he spoke the words.

1. “…a balanced plan with a mix of tax cuts and investments.”  Let’s see.  The ARRA planned to provide about $175 Billion, about 20% of all “Stimulus” funds for Medicaid, family services, and unemployment insurance programs.  Add to that another $80+ Billion for Education, mostly what they called the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund.   Yet they dedicated a total of only $2.1 Billion (way less than one percent) for Manufacturing and Economic Recovery and Infrastructure Financing.  “Balanced?”  “Investments?”

2.  “It is a plan that’s been put together without earmarks or the usual pork barrel spending.”  Really?  Just the $82 Billion that went for the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund was intended to ensure that teachers were not laid off in numbers like private sector workers.  It is no mystery that the NEA and its affiliates were and are the biggest supporter of Mr. Obama and Democrat politicians in general.  What a handy way to pump up your base of contributors.  That’s not pork?

3.  “And it is a plan that will be implemented with an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability.”  Just for fun, go to the website as Mr. Obama advises.  Start with the comparison maps under “Where is the Money Going?”  the first map that comes up shows total recovery dollars distributed by state vs. the unemployment by state.  It doesn’t show things based on per capita recovery dollars.  It makes no sense.  In fact, that whole series of maps is “transparent” like a London fog.  If you can explore that site and believe that it is anything but an attempt to confuse the subject, you are wired differently than I am.

I could go on, but have written much about this already.  The reason for raising the issue again is that Mr. Obama’s “Stimulus Lite” or jobs plan is just more of the same.  And it is pure and simple campaign strategy.  He knows it has no chance of passing and he hopes it won’t.  Then he will have all those nasty Republicans to blame for defeating his best effort to create jobs.  He keeps looking for reasons why he has not delivered on his promises rather than making the needed effort to get the job done.  Mr. Obama doesn’t want more jobs near as much as he wants excuses that will help him to be reelected.

At a private meeting with President Obama earlier this year, the late Steve Jobs, previously a strong Obama supporter, said something very revealing about Mr. Obama,

“The president is very smart, but he kept explaining to us reasons why things can’t get done. It infuriates me.” – Steve Jobs

Me, too, Steve.

What did the ARRA do for you?