Today, Rob Cornilles filed to run for the seat in Congress just vacated by David Wu.

Wu was the representative from my congressional district (Oregon 1) for the past 12+ years.  He finally resigned his seat after his third or fourth sex scandal, this one being an unwanted sexual encounter with the underage daughter of a supporter.

I am highly encouraged by the fact that Rob Cornilles is willing to make the sacrifice to take on this job.  It will not be easy for him to win.  The same Democrats, the majority in the district, who protected Wu for over 12 years will stop at nothing to elect another Democrat, regardless his or her character or qualifications.

Cornilles is a fiscal conservative, a successful small business man, and a good family man.  He would be a wonderful asset in the Congress.

To give you an example of his thinking, he was recently asked, “In the recent Debt Ceiling Debate, would you have voted for it as passed and would you have voted to raise taxes or cut spending to balance the budget?”

First, he answered that he would have voted to raise the debt ceiling.  He said that raising the debt ceiling needed to be looked at as a separate matter from dealing with the deficit spending issue.  Raising the Debt Ceiling was necessary for us to be able to meet our sworn obligations.  As to whether he would raise taxes or cut costs to help balance the budget, he said first and foremost we needed to cut government spending.  Then he said that the best way to raise revenue was not to raise taxes, but,  “… to increase the number of taxpayers.”  It is pretty simple, really.  If you increase the number of those paying into the system you decrease the number taking from the system.

I like the way he thinks.