El Greco

There has been constant conjecture that Barack Obama was born outside of the United States and is therefore unqualified to be president.  Most say he was born in Kenya, the homeland of his father.  Some have even opined that he was born in Indonesia.  This has all made headlines and has provided fodder for pundits and bloggers everywhere.

Now we get information that indicates that those theories may be all wrong and that, in fact, Mr. Obama may have been born in Greece.  Let me explain.  The following piece by Karen Guthrie (  http://www.wildriverreview.com/young/?p=823  )  will serve as background:

I believe that the financial meltdown in Greece transcends economics. It goes to the very heart of a society. I lived in Athens for two years, from July 2007 until July 2009, and observed a culture that believes all rules are made to be broken. Once broken, there are no consequences. A mindset of not just “me first”, but “me only”, prevails in the homes, on the streets, and within the office buildings. I saw the meltdown coming because it was incomprehensible to me that this type of society could go on without a crash.

I watched parents beam with pride when their 12-year-old children decide to occupy their school, keeping teachers and administrators at bay for a week because the young people do not like the snack selection.

I saw a community capable of living in its own filth. Greek homemakers tackle the cleaning of their black-dust-covered home as if it were an Olympic sport. Yet on the sidewalk outside of their front door, all types of foulness could, and would, collect. Translation: My house is clean, why should I worry about what is on the street”

I saw near anarchy on the streets of Athens as drivers dangerously intimidated all in their path. Sidewalks are considered extensions of the road. Simply walking to the grocery store required vigilance or a death wish. Translation: If I want to drive on the sidewalk, why shouldn’t I?

Civil servants have jobs for life. Therefore, the need to be competent, responsible and courteous is no longer apparent. The rudeness I experienced time and again in my local post office made me quake in my shoes and long to be anywhere else.

I witnessed government money allocated for business stimulus spent by the recipient on the redecorating of his private home. Translation: Me first; me only.

I was a stranger in my Athenian neighbourhood, and a stranger I remained. The universal language of a smile was not readily spoken. Hospitality seems to extend only to friends and family. The Soup Kitchen for Refugees where I volunteered was completely staffed by foreigners living in Athens: Australians, Spaniards, Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, French, Austrian, German, Italian – a United Nations of volunteers, conspicuously missing Greek representation.

I saw the meltdown coming. I see the rioting in the streets as a tragic outburst from the “me only” heart of a society, a society Europe coveted.”

Mr. Obama shows too many similar traits to the Greeks for it to be coincidence.

For example, “…me only…” is evident almost every time he speaks.  He takes credit for everything good, blames others for everything bad, and uses the word “I” more than any other orator one can name.

Or, “…beam with pride when their 12-year-old children decide to occupy their school…”  Remember how he backed the union thugs who occupied the Wisconsin Capital?  He was proud and supportive of his union brothers and sisters as they broke the law and flaunted it.

 “…Civil servants have jobs for life….”  Look no further than Mr. Obama’s support of the “Employee Free Choice Act” or his constant siding with government employees over the private enterprise and its workers.  Then add to that the increase in government programs and expenses and you see his focus is on the servants, not the served.  An interesting take on Mr. Obama’s need to spend and grow government in the European mold is located here.

 “…the “me only” heart of a society, a society Europe coveted.”  The programs he pushes and his steadfast belief that most citizens need government help indicate he wants a European Style Cradle-to-grave social support system.

If he is not Greek, can someone explain to me why he wants to lead our country to copy the social revolution and culture of “Me first; me only” which has all but destroyed Greece??