Mr. Obama is a politician, not a leader.  He proves daily that his whole world is wrapped up in his newfound power and the politics he chooses to play to retain that power.  Some facts:

Mr. Obama is playing politics.  He has stated time and time again this year that there will be no budget cutting agreement unless there are increases in taxes for the rich.  This is pure politics.   He is holding out for any tax increases.  But, he tells us time and again that it is the “rich” who need to pay their “fair share.”  He implies that the only new taxes will be on the other guy, not on you.  His only goal is to get the Republicans to break their promise of no tax increases.  He could care less if we address the budget problem.  His game is to win this battle with the Republican House.  He, of course wants to retain as much of the plunder of Obamacare as he can, but he would give up most anything if he could get the Republicans to sign on to a tax increase.  He might lose a small battle but he would win the war.  And that is how he sees it.  It is a war to stay in power, not time to bring financial responsibility to government.

He and a then Democrat controlled Congress created most of the problem that he now blames on others.   It took Mr. Obama less than a month after being sworn into office to sign the ARRA or Stimulus bill which added at least $787 Billion to the Deficit.  He and his Democrat controlled Congress also passed a “Health Care” bill that will further increase deficits by hundreds of Billions more.

Last November, the voters/taxpayers of this country voted in large numbers for candidates who promised to hold the line on tax increases and to make cuts in spending.  Within the past month polls have consistently shown that the public, outside of Washington, D.C., want spending cuts and no tax increases.

“You have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts.” – Barack Obama, July 15, 2011   I can find no poll, worded in any way to make the numbers favor Mr. Obama’s statement, that comes near 80%.  It is a pure and simple lie.  If your definition of “balanced” includes a plan that contains 90% spending cuts and 10% new revenue (tax increases), you may find a poll that indicates 70% of the population wants “…a balanced approach.”  Does he believe that if you tell a lie often enough that most of the public will believe it?

Voters spoke quite clearly in November of 2010 when they chose representatives who promised to cut spending, and, not to increase taxes.  Rather than listen to the people, Mr. Obama chooses to stretch the truth for political purposes.

A leader would have told the country that we are overspending and need to change our ways.  He would have encouraged a plan that would get spending under control instead of a plan that served his political purposes.  Where is the Barack Obama who said:

“We cannot mortgage our children’s future on a mountain of debt. It’s time to put an end to the runaway spending and the record deficits- it’s not how you would run your family budget, and it must not  be how Washington handles your tax dollars.” candidate Barack Obama, October 1, 2008

“Our problem is not just a deficit of dollars. It’s a deficit of accountability, a deficit of trust.  So change and reform can’t just be election-year slogans. They must become fundamental principles of government.” – President -Elect Barack Obama, January 7, 2009

“The last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in a ressession.” – President Obama in an ABC News Interview August 5, 2009

Is his memory really that short or does he just hope ours is?