I keep wondering when our politicians will get serious about balancing a budget.  We have a 2012 total budget (before Congress decides to add more to it) of somewhere around $3.5 Trillion.   Our politicians are arguing about $38 Billion.  That’s only one percent of the problem.  That is anything but serious.

What the politicians need to do is to find $1.41 Trillion that can be cut.

Consider you are an employer.  Your shop runs an 8 hour day.  You have an employee who comes to work over 3 hours and 15 minutes late every day.  He tells you he is going to get serious about fixing his ‘late-to-work’ problem.  He plans to come in only 3 hours and 10 minutes late.  Do you think he is serious?

Why do we let our politicians get away with coming to work five minutes less late?

I’m still waiting to see the first realistic proposal to balance our budget and eventually pay off our national debt.  If you have heard of one, let me know.

And you will never balance the budget with that attitude