In the fall of 2010, the voters of our fair land sent what I thought was a pretty strong message.  They said, I think, “Our government is spending too much money.”  So how is that message being received in Washington?

Bankrupt Politicians trying to bring us down with them

Mr. Obama is not worried about deficit spending at all and really wants to cut nothing until after the 2012 election.  He proposed a budget that would cut $1.1 Trillion over the next 10 years.  He has structured it that way so that no taxpayer (except maybe a few of those evil “rich” ones) will feel the pain until he is no longer in office. He can promise $1 trillion in debt reduction without having to accept the pain.  That he saves for those who follow him.  Doesn’t that sound like what he has blamed Mr. Bush for doing about a thousand times?  Oh, and if that sounds like some serious cutting, think about this:  In the next 10 years, our government is scheduled to spend about $35 Trillion, so $1.1 Trillion would amount to a whopping 3% cut.  If he doesn’t have the courage to cut at least 10%, in my humble opinion, he does not deserve to be President.  You can’t tell me that you have not had to cut at least 10% from your budget during this Recession.  Well, I guess if you work for Mr. Obama’s government, you might not have had to face what the rest of us have.  Did I forget to mention that our current budget is $1.5 Trillion in the red.  That means all Mr. Obama wants is for us to print just a little less money than we currently print to stay in business.  Shameful.

The Republicans in Congress only wanted to cut $61 Billion for the rest of the year.  Let’s see.  To be charitable, we could say on an annual basis that would be like cutting $136 Billion from the $3.8 Trillion budget or 3.5%.  Whoopee.  Run a 30+% deficit and solve the problem with a 3.5% budget cut.  It must have taken a lot of courage to come up with that huge sacrifice.

And the Democrats in Congress wanted to cut about half as much as the Republicans.  Even more gutless.  More Shameful.  I don’t wonder why Congress has anywhere from a 60% to a 73% DISapproval rating (pick your poll).

“Last night was a perfect example of Democrats and Republicans coming together, working tirelessly to hammer out a deal and making the tough choices to live within our means. We all know that we face tough challenges ahead, from job creating and growing our economy, to educating our children and reducing our deficit, and we must continue to work together to achieve those goals and deliver for the American people.”   –  Dan Pfeiffer, White House Communications Director

I want to barf.

You might like to look at Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.  At least it makes a serious effort to address long term financial issues.  But then, since it is not calculated based on short term political calculations it doesn’t really stand much of a chance.  How can we change this?