The Japanese people have a reputation, like the British, for a stiff upper lip and the patience to wait in a line.  If ever those human traits were needed, now would be that time.  The effects of the earthquakes on infrastructure will be repaired and even the amazing destruction caused by the Tsunami will be cleaned up and rebuilt.  Much like the period after World War II, Japan will end up with newer, better facilities and only memories of what was lost.  Even the danger from the damage to a nuclear power plant will soon be behind them and valuable lessons will have been learned.

The Japanese people have not protested or rioted.  They have not just sat back and waited for someone to come to their aid.  They have pulled together and helped one another.  They have gone to work to fix what is broken.  Many of the stories emerging from the ruins remind us of the power of the human will.  They still dream of a better life for themselves and others.  They seem driven by their dreams, not their fears.

The commercial below, though from Taiwan, reminds me of the determination of the Japanese people.  It makes me think they will come through this bad time far better than would most.