A couple of months ago, I wrote that travel is always educational.  Having just returned from another trip (this one a vacation) I am again reminded how true that is.

While sitting a breakfast with fellow travelers at a B & B, we discovered that two at the table lived in Alaska and one worked at Prudhoe Bay.  The question got around to drilling in the ANWR.  Though I am abbreviating his response and paraphasing what I heard, here is the gist:

Prodhoe Bay is much more ecologically sensitive than the area in the ANWR that is proposed for drilling.  The drilling area at ANWR is basically flat marshland and tundra with extremely small populations of wildlife.  Most of the photos that you see of the area are of the mountains away from the proposed drilling areas.  There is no environmental reason not to drill in ANWR, just political reasons.

Of course, this is one person’s take on the situation, but he is closer to it than I, or most of the commentators I have read, will every be.  It is always fun to hear from non-traditional sources.  We all tend to learn most of our news from one side of any argument.  Whether it is Fox News putting a conservative spin on the events of the day or the vast majority of the news media giving the Northeast progressive spin, what we get is rarely the unvarnished truth.  This one person’s commentary may not be highly informed, but when he tells me he has been there many times and the photos we see are a distortion for political purposes, I log that in my memory and see things slightly differently the next time I view photos of majestic mountains and teaming wildlife in the ANWR.