I do not like blogs that do nothing more than post other people’s work.  In my view, they do nothing to add to the discussion except that they possibly give wider distribution to the work.  Having said that I will now post someone else’s work for your viewing.  This is from the NumbersUSA.org site.

A couple of months ago, I received a link to the following video.  For some reason it has taken me until now to post it.  Part of the reason is my desire to print only original opinion here, as explained above.   This video is both depressing and awakening.  I have long thought that Malthus was right, just ahead of his time.  This confirms my belief.  It gives a different perspective to the immigration debate and makes one look at the issue from a completely different point of view.  It makes me want to read again certain passages from Rebecca Costa’s Watchman’s Rattle.  She seems to have found a way to have some optimism in the face of this issue.

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