Last Saturday marked the second anniversary of this blog.  It was started, mostly out of frustration with politics and politicians.  That remains the main motivation to keep it going, today.

The first posts were about taxation and the Presidential Election.  The most recent posts are about Government policies and the coming off-year elections.

In the interim, there have been 281 posts, only 572 comments, and over 370,000 total views of the page.  The busiest day was a bit over 3,000 views and the most stimulating post garnered 21 comments.

I have read back through many of the posts and am happy to say that I have not found many that I would change in any significant way.  Some of the comments have caused me to rethink things.

Once this latest election is behind us, I am going to reevaluate whether it is worth the time to continue writing this blog.  I may just cut back to writing a post only every few weeks.  In any event, this is now and has been a very positive experience.

My only regret is that I have not had more comments – more people join in the conversation.  Probably the most interesting thing about writing the blog is that I have spent a lot of time researching issues and it has made me much better informed.