You have seen them before.  In fact, you might have one in your family.  For his or her entire life, he or she has been the center of attention, coddled and given every privilege imaginable.  Kids like this tend to be bossy with their peers.  They often act out and misbehave on a regular basis just to show who is most important.  In fact, they seem to do whatever they damn well please and get away with it.  Basically, the brat pays no attention to others and only thinks about himself.  At some point, though, parents or grandparents get fed up and lay down the law.  It usually has little or no effect.  The petulant one can usually find an enabler or two.  If Mom won’t let her off the hook, then she will try Dad.  If Dad is unsympathetic, she will try Grandma.  Things change, however, about three weeks before Christmas.  The brat really wants to get that shiny new bike so he kisses up to everyone.  He volunteers to mow the lawn or do the dishes (things he wouldn’t dream of doing normally and certainly will never do again after he gets the bike).  He shows great promise of being the son you really wanted.  Any parent who falls for the act is either brain-dead or living in Fantasyland.  Once the kid has the bike it’s back to being the jerk he was a month before.

There are a lot of politicians in Washington D.C. who fit this mold.  Most who have been in Congress or the Senate for a long time are being told by their constituents that they are on their way out.  The voters are sick and tired of politicians who promise one thing and produce another.  So we again have the pre-Christmas syndrome at work.  The election is now just 40 days off so all the politicians are promising the moon in hopes of buying a few more votes.

My local congressman, David Wu, has spent 12 years in Congress.  He has voted exactly as he is told by the SEIU, the NEA, and the Democrat Leadership.  His only real claim to fame is that he has managed to do nothing for twelve years.  Really.   If his party wants him to vote for another spending bill, he will.  Until this year, the Republicans had always found a way to put up someone unelectable to oppose him.  This year it is different.  His challenger, Rob Cornilles,  is a very bright, very committed business person who just got fed up with the status quo and decided to do something about it.  Now, Mr. Wu is running scared.  He might not get his bike for Christmas.

In a debate with Mr. Cornilles last week, when asked what he would do to honor his constituent’s wishes and reduce the spending going on in Washington, he replied, “I’m a dad. The one thing I will not do is pile on a credit card a debt today that our children will have to pay for.”  He voted for the Stimulus, the Health Care bill, etc., etc.  He has been one of the free spending Democrats who has helped build our deficit at a rate of $1-2 Trillion a year.  But, with a straight face, he says he would do nothing to build a debt his children will have to pay.  That’s as bad as Mr. Obama saying he will have the Health Care debate on CSPAN.  In any other world, those would be called out as simple lies.

I certainly hope that the majority of voters will see through the lies being put forward by the insolent brats.  We could use a whole bunch of fresh faces in Washington….and I don’t mean the 10,000 new Revenue Agents the IRS will need to police the new Form 1099 rules.