If what follows is all true, it is both disheartening and enough to make you want to scream at someone (preferably a ‘civil servant’ whose job was a payback for a favor or a vote or to ensure a future vote).  The recent incident where an obscure USDA employee (Shirley Sherrod) was caught on tape discussing how she had discriminated against a white farmer in her official position was first exposed by Andrew Breitbart on his blog.  The tables were then turned and to read the popular media, Shirley Sherrod turned out to be the victim.  Read this piece and then see if you think she really was the victim.  Here is a report of the email I received from a friend that first tipped me off to this latest information about Ms. Sherrod.

If you haven’t given up and moved to New Zealand yet, look a bit further into the doings of Shirley Sherrod and her husband, Charles, and see what you think is the truth about the Sherrod story.  Early in their ‘career’ as black advocates, Shirley and Charles Sherrod were organizers and managers of a farm cooperative in Southwest Georgia, New Communities, Inc. (NCI).  See this article. If what it implies is true, these people are despicable and yet they are collecting money from our government based on the pain and suffering that they experienced.  I am a bit skeptical that we haven’t heard more people call out the Sherrod’s if this is all true.

I know I am asking a lot that you read all these links, but I think you will be glad that you did.  Then ask yourself how much of this you have read or heard reported by our larger media outlets.  Either it is not reported because it is false or there is an agenda that wants this all to go away.