Note added October 23, 2013 – See Thomas Sowell’s article from today’s Town Hall for another interesting take on race relations.


My friend Steven over at Skulduggery had an interesting post yesterday.  It concerned a speech by Eric Holder and a lot more.

I recommend that you read the post and the speech from Mr. Holder.  Below is the comment that I left for Steven regarding his post.  My comment is not exactly to his point but makes a point or two on its own.

I read the speech.  I think it would be interesting to have a discussion about race with Mr. Holder.  I also think we come at the issue from very different places and therefore would have little in common about which we could agree.  His view would be different from mine, not because he is Black.  It would be different because he is a member of the Ruling Class.  Unless I am mistaken, he has always worked for the government and almost always, his brief has had to do with race relations.  His upbringing was privileged.

Regardless of how he feels, or how I feel about it, race is a very consequential factor in American life today.  I actually believe we were making great progress at blending our cultural heritages such that members of the many races were not too concerned about the other guy’s race.  That was until politicians, bureaucrats and other ne’er-do-wells learned the awesome power of race to change the political landscape.  Are you losing the argument?  Drop the race card.  Did your opponent catch you in a lie?  Drop the race card.  Want to be President?  Drop the Race Card.

If you doubt that last one, look at the numbers.  Mr. Obama won the election with 69.5 million votes (52.9%) to Mr. McCain’s 59.9 million votes (45.7%).  Mr. Obama received over 96% of Black vote (which amounted to 13% of the total vote).  If you remove that 12.4 million black votes from Mr. Obama and the 500,000 black votes from Mr. McCain and then add back 6.9 million votes  (52.9%) for Mr. Obama and add back the 5.8 million votes (45.7%) for Mr. McCain, you have a new winner.  Mr. McCain wins by 65.2 million to 63.9 million for Mr. Obama.

What does this prove?   It proves an exceedingly high correlation between race and the vote as to blacks.  Does this mean black voters are racist?  No.  Does it mean that race was the most important factor in their vote?  Probably for a large percentage of black voters.

I don’t know how we change and move toward that “post racial society” that we seem to long for.  I do know that as long as playing races against one another has such huge power, it will not stop.

How do we blend better?  I think we do it the old fashioned way.  We meet each other.  We get acquainted and learn what we have in common.  We learn from each other about our different upbringing, customs, likes, dislikes.  We find that we have enough in common to become friends, or, we don’t.  At some point, the color of the skin has faded into noise level and we are just two different people, not two different races. At some point we have admiration for the other guy for who he is, not for the color of his skin.

As long as our ruling class continues to use race for power (to divide and conquer), I think there is slim chance we will make true progress –and I am an optimist.