The following post was written on March 14.  I got busy preparing for a big trade show and the time away from home that went with it.  I decided that there was more to add so I would not post it until later. Congress rushed this bill so fast that it was passed and signed on March 30.  In almost three months since its passage, I have still not heard an argument that disputes my examples below.  I guess I still hold out hope that we will elect a new congress in the fall and that it will have enough common sense to modify this wildly expensive power grab of a bill.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Obama’s ratings have shown that since signing the Health Care Bill he retains about 30% of the voting public who strongly approve of his work (Rasmussen Daily Presidential Approval Polls) while Congress has seen its approval ratings drop from almost 50% approval to under 25%.  Maybe I should be optimistic about a new Congress after this Fall’s election.

Here is what I wrote on March 14:

I still can’t get over the level of deception and the dishonesty being employed by the Obama Administration in their blind rush to pass “Obamacare.”

Argue with me that as a society, we need to care for the weakest among us.  Argue that the insurance companies are doing us no favors.   But don’t try to tell me that Obamacare will save any money.  It will be the opposite.  Especially with the current state of our economy, this bill’s passage may just destroy what is left of confidence in the dollar.  It may be the final blow to our economy.

Sure,  there will be those on the subsidized end of the plan who will see savings, but, the nation as a whole and most of us as individuals (unless we are members of a Union that gets favored treatment under Mr. Obama’s plan) will see prices go up AND will see taxes go up.   AND, we will see our National Debt increase putting further pressure on inflation.  This, too, will raise costs for all of us.

In short, by almost every measure, Obamacare will drive prices up, taxes up and will likely lower the quality of care.

Want specifics?

1.  The White House claims they will, with Obamacare, eliminate preexisting conditions as a barrier to getting care insurance.  That means people with the most costly to treat illnesses and conditions will be added to the rolls of those who get medical care paid for by the insurance premiums and taxes of all the others.  While that may be a noble goal, the math says it will either cost everyone else more money or it will mean everyone else will get less care.  You can’t have both more care and less cost and the Administration knows it.

2.  By using the accounting trick of collecting taxes for 10 years but only funding large portions of Obamacare for 6 years, they make the numbers look better.  With VERY optimist projections for the second 10 years of the plan, they can claim no deficit spending.  Even the Congressional Budget Office went along with the deceptive numbers.   They are charged to add up the costs for six years, not 10 and then add the tax revenue from 10 years.  From that calculation they show that in 10 years, the budget will actually be improved by over $100 Billion.

3.   However, the CBO does not buy the Administration’s claim about Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program.  This is the program that will have hospitals pooling all their purchasing to save Billions of dollars.  What it will really do is concentrate spending on a few big companies and drive out many of the innovative, smaller suppliers who can’t meet the demands of huge quantity orders.  The CBO says this will save $0.00.  Why does the Administration still claim this as a great way to cut costs and save Billions?

4.  Obamacare will sponsor over 150 new programs for health care.  Among those that they tell us will save lots of money and lead to lower costs is a payment bundling scheme they want to try on Medicaid and Medicare.  The CBO has looked at them and said neither will save a cent, but the cost of setting up and running the programs will not go away.  Yet the Administration keeps claiming huge cost reductions.

5.  Best of all, the Administration says it will control spiraling medical insurance premiums.  When was the last time you saw anything go down in price after it was regulated?  Regulation lowers competition and raises prices.  Price fixing has never been shown to work.    Why should it work for the first time here?

I still contend that this bill is all about politics and power.  I will continue to tell this to my representatives until they respond with answers to any of my questions.  To date, I have received letters back from my Congressman and one of my Senators.  It is clear they have canned letters for people who do not agree with the takeover of our medical system.  They answer none of the concerns that I express and they continue to repeat the falsehoods that come with serious armtwisting from the Administration.  It is time we vote them out of office and vote in people who will not deceive us and play politics.  Health care needs reform, but politics in Washington, D.C. needs it more.