I apologize for not posting for a while and hope to make up for it with a few interesting insights that we don’t often hear.  Stay tuned.

Just returned from an extended trip to Europe for a week of vacation and two weeks of work.  Nine days of the trip were spent at the Bauma Exposition, the world’s largest construction trade show.   It was interesting to speak with people from every imaginable country about our concrete equipment, but it was fascinating to talk with non-Americans about American politics.

Discussion was often centered on our “new President” and his new ideas.  If you are a fan of the current Congress or the “new President” you will not like the next few posts on this site.  The business people with whom we spoke were quite outspoken about what they hear we are doing in America.   If Mr. Obama or the current Congress think they are loved abroad, what I heard does anything but confirm that view.  In fact, I was surprised how many people mentioned how crude and unworldly they thought our “new President.”

More to come on foreign views of America moving toward Government Health Care, Taxation, and Border/Immigration issues.  But, first, I have to respond to some 100 good leads from countries from Finland to South Africa, Moldova to Brasil, Ireland to Reunion, and Australia to Qatar.