Did I get the right numbers?  The new conglomeration of bills and acts that Congress has concocted to “reform” our health care system appears to set aside a budget of $10 Billion for the IRS to enforce the new taxes that come with the legislation.  It will require the IRS to employ 16,500 more revenue agents.

Please check my math because I can’t believe it.  16,500 divided into $10,000,000,000 + $606,060.60 per agent.  My guess is that the private sector produces a similar job for about $60,000 per person counting overheads and benefits or one tenth as much.

Did you know that your Congress Member was voting for that?  He or she probably didn’t know either since no Member who voted for the bill knew what was in it.  And they all knew there would be many changes.  I still can’t find a definitive answer to the question.  One source says the IRS budget will increase by $10 Billion annually.  That’s hard to believe since that would almost double the IRS budget.  Another (House Ways and Means) says it will cost the IRS $5 to $10 billion from 2014 to 2020.  I guess when you hold the purse strings with unlimited funds, you can guess within $5 Billion.  And, what’s $5 Billion gunna buy you anyway?

What I really think is happening is that the IRS will be required to enforce the new law.  They claim they will need 16,500 more people to do the job.  Since they have around 100,000 employees right now to handle the taxation of 100% of our GDP, 16,500 more people would be like 16%.  Isn’t health care about 16% of our GDP?  The $10 Billion figure is likely based on House Ways and Means guess that it will cost $10 Billion from 2014 to 2020 to enforce our new health care law.  That would mean six years of 16,500 agents at about $100,000 each per year.

Do a little checking yourself and I can guarantee you only one thing – You will find that nobody, and I mean NOBODY has a clue how much this will cost or where the money will go, or, where it will come from, for that matter.  If that is not a recipe for waste of tax dollars, I don’t know what one is.  Hardly a single sane person would vote for a plan to spend this much money in this way even if it had been perfectly planned and ready to go.  This bill (these bills?) is (are) just the opposite.  Yet, if your representative is a Democrat, she/he probably voted for this.  I would fire him or her at the first opportunity.