Two weeks ago, I wrote the post below.  I did not publish it because I was thinking I had gone overboard and spent too much time and effort condemning the Administration’s rush to Health Care Reform.  As things have unfolded in the past two weeks, I have thought better of it and decided to publish this anyway:

Let’s make the assumption that between Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi’s bribes, deception, and false public statements that they somehow get the Senate Healthcare Bill to the President’s Desk and Mr. Obama signs it into law.  For a moment, suspend your concerns about the effect this will have on medical care in the USA.  Instead, look at what will be some of the other consequences of this legislation.

The first consequence is already being seen and how far reaching that may be is yet to be determined.  What is that consequence?  It is a complete lack of faith and trust in Congress.  With poll after poll showing the American People do not want this bill, Congress pushing ahead with it has helped prove that Congress is not serving the people.  An interesting poll conducted this month by Harris shows that there are few things in our society about which the people are less comfortable, less confident.

So what is the long term cost to the Nation of a complete loss of faith in our most important institutions?

The next consequence is loss of faith in our ability to govern ourselves from our allies around the world.  Can you imagine what we look like in the eyes of the rest of the world?  Here is a country that is more powerful, more charitable, and less corrupt than probably any before it and yet in one year has degenerated to the level of Chicago Mob Politics, vote buying, and Presidents who regularly lie to their people. How shameful it is.  Can we expect any other country to put their faith in us to work with us on any international issue when our own people will not?

Now the President is telling Congress that the real consequence if this bill does not pass is that the office of the President will be diminished and will not be able to help them pass other measures that are important to them.  What he is really saying is that the most important  consequence of a loss in health care is that his ego and his power will be diminished and without those two things in tact, Congressional Democrats will have to muddle along without him.

Trust is based on belief.  When you stop believing what you are told, you lose trust.  It would seem a large majority of Americans do not believe what they hear from Congress any more.  If they can’t believe, there will be no trust.  This is a crisis of credibility.  It’s like your father taught you: “You must be truthful one thousand times to be thought honest and you need lie only once to be thought a lier.”

Passage of the Health Care Bill will have many grave consequences, especially monetary, but worst of all, in my opinion, will be loss of faith in our government so severe that it will spawn widespread disregard for law and order.  In little more than one year, we will have gone from being among the most orderly societies with one of the most admired governments to one of the most disorderly and disrespected governments.  If ever you doubted the power of leadership, this must certainly change your view.