Back on January 20th, I posted Don’t Gloat taking a page or two from blogging friend Nelson Guirado (Asymmetric blog).  I recommended that Republicans not gloat about the Scott Brown victory in Masachusetts.

Mr. Brown campaigned hard while his opponent sat and waited to be crowned.  Mr. Brown covered the state talking with constituents and taking positions on issues.  Mrs. Coakley, seeing that she had a challenger, asked for help from Washington (Mr. Obama). (That seems to be the way democrats do things:  If you can’t handle your own problems, you beg Washington for help.)  Mr. Brown won an unexpected victory for which he should be proud, but not boastful.  I strongly hoped he and his team would not gloat and for the most part they did not.

I have similar advice for Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Reid.

They have less reason to be proud of their ‘victory.’  Unlike Mr. Brown’s win, the Liberal Health Care plan was passed and signed only after blatant bribes in the multi billions of dollars, and, with the use of every parliamentary trick they could conjure.

My guess is that they would be very smart to move on to anything else as quickly as possible.  If there is still debate about the new national health care program in November, I think Democrats will wish they had not been as arrogant about their success in passing what will (IMHO) go down as one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.