As of this post, I will have made 228 posts to this blog – 228 drops of water in the pool.  I always wonder if any of those drops cause a ripple.

I have a couple of posts that have had a lot of hits because of a graphic, like Don’t Believe Mr. Obama which had a nice picture of Pinocchio.  It has had 930 hits.

And then there was the post passed to me in an email from a friend (therefore no credit to me) and seen on many other pages on the web, One Trillion Dollars – How Big is That???? (it has had over 4,000 hits, but I did not write it).   And 182 people have looked at my  About page (not technically a post).

However, of the ones that I have written, The Audacity of Taupe is by far and away the winner.  I has had 2,801 hits as of the end of the day on March 1st.  It was posted on July 16 of 2009.  That is 229 days.  If my calculator is properly calibrated, that works out to more than a dozen hits a day.  Yesterday there were 35 hits and there were 25 the day before..  It actually seems to be getting more hits in the past two months than previously.

I don’t know why.  Do me a favor, please.  Look at it and tell me why you think it is the most popular.  Maybe there is something I did in that post that I should do more often.

In the meantime, you might want to watch an interesting video about the coming census.  It raises a lot of good questions.